2011, we salute you. (or, you're going to love this post so much it will change your perception of friday the 13th.)

as a short hiatus on the christmas news, i thought i would bring you some homework light, entertaining, and memory-jogging reading to do over the weekend. 

in honor of 2011 and all that she was to us, i have gone through the 254 posts from last year (i apparently had too much time on my hands in 2011) and picked out our most memorable moments.  get ready to 'member that time.

that time i did my best to avoid living next door to a pervert.

that time we bought our house.
that time penelope had a freaky brush with death.

that time i turned twenty-five and met a lady at aldi.
that time i saw kobe at the mall.

that time penelope turned one.
that time i said au revoir to wheat and corn.
that time i got my washer and dryer for free.

that time we closed on our house.
that time i found a bag of cockroaches all hopped up on antidepressants.
that time we did stuff to our house before succumbing to laziness.

that time my apartment managers stole and subsequently broke my vacuum.
that time my apartment managers forced me to talk to a jehovah's witness.
that time todd squashed a gerbil.
that time a bat almost ate me while i slept.
that time i got all intimate with our mulberry tree.

that time we made $150 for not buying anything at ikea.

that time i tried to kill weeds naturally.
that time we went to south dakota.

that time we announced we were pregnant.
that time atticus moved out of his crib and i cried.
that time i puked in my own eye.
that time a mouthy lady on the plane got what was coming to her.

that time penelope busted her lip open.
that time we flew on a plane.
that time we spent the weekend in california.
that time we announced the sex of our baby and also i looked like a douche on video.
that time i flashed my undies at the trash guy.

that time a mouse most likely procreated in our ceiling.
that time penelope developed a lazy eye.
that time penelope got glasses.

that time atticus turned three.
that time we picked out a name for our kid.
that time i about had a stroke while trying to hang christmas lights.
that time i picked up poop with my bare hand.
that time we were overtaken by spores.


todd said...

This was a really good idea Paige. I also like how you borrowed from your extensive "Friends" repertoire and titled the blogs.


The Crislers said...

You've had a really busy year! And I actually found a post I had missed, so this was a great idea.

Also, did Todd just make the Chandler-whip sound?

todd said...

Yes I did Ms. Crisler.

Good catch!