pictures from today

meeting grandpa tony and grandma jacqi

i promise atticus is warming up to her (as convincing as this picture is)

their first daddy-daughter date.

PENELOPE IS HERE!!!! (seriously this time.)

yep, it's true! she graced us with her presence at 3:37 this afternoon.

WARNING: labor details - nothing gross, but just a heads-up.

contractions began at 7:30 this morning and, even though they were regular, they weren't super strong and they were 10-15 minutes apart.  todd was able to get home with plenty of time and we even got to hang out as a three-person family for about an hour before we had to leave for the hospital.  (my water broke at 10:30...and i had to go into the doctor's office looking - and feeling- like i had major pee-pants.)

at 12:30, they checked me and from there on out stuff was pretty intense.  while my contractions weren't regular anymore, or very close together, they were STRONG.  i kept asking for an epidural, but because of the pattern of my contractions, it didn't seem to be considered 'urgent.'

however, by 3:15 the epidural had NOT kicked in all the way, but the urge to push HAD.  so she came full-force (which i was thrilled about)...but luckily i only had to push for about 20 minutes and there she was! 

here are her stats:

penelope page
7 lb 10 oz (an entire pound less than atticus)
20 inches

atticus didn't quite know what to think...he was suspicious the whole time.

proud daddy!!
we don't have a great picture of penelope's face yet, so here's a picture of atticus.  subtract a pound(and add a purple hat) and you have penelope.

guess what?!

if you guessed that i had gone into labor and was, at the very moment i typed this, holding a happy and healthy baby girl in my arms, you would be dead wrong.  she still very much stuck in there.  and there is not much that makes me hope she's coming out any time soon.

other than the fact that TWO WEEKS AGO my typically-accurate midwife gave my pregnancy one more week to live.

yep, i'm going to be pregnant forever.

meanwhile, i'm in a great mood and well rested and look amazing.  i shower every day, don't sleep in rather than read my bible, and am positively glowing.  my pants are entirely comfortable, and really, i couldn't be happier.

does anyone own a trampoline i could possibly borrow?

big reveal...ish.

so a looooooong time ago (this is the stuff legends are made of) i told you i had switched the bedrooms, with atticus now residing in the master suite and todd and i settling into the second bedroom. i also mentioned that i would post pictures soon.

considering this all happened over new year's weekend, i thought it appropriate to post

here is what the second bedroom looked like before the switcheroo:

boring and boring. hardly a nursery, it was really just where atticus slept and where we kept all our excess clutter (which was in the hallway when i took this picture to fool you into thinking that i'm at all organized).

i never took a before photo of the master bedroom, so let me paint you a little mental picture: close your eyes and imagine a queen bed (unmade, of course); a couple of nightstands; a giant, walmart, dorm-style, particle board, chipping-white-flat-paint-over-black-veneer, metal-accent desk sporting two (yes, two) desktop computers, and a pack and play. walls painted grey-beige.

mmm....relaxing, spa-like getaway.

since then, we've painted both rooms and i'm working on accessorizing - including painting furniture and hanging stuff on the walls... neither of which has happened yet but both are on the agenda. (although, one of my list items was 'paint the bookshelves,' but considering our shock when our $20 target bookcase collapsed in on itself when moving it to paint the walls, my list has now changed to say 'buy bookshelves.') all that to say, keep in mind that all this is still a work in progress.

so without further ado, here are the "after" shots of our new rooms!

this is an "in-process" picture of atticus' room, as it's still "new" (five months new, that is) and i'm still working on getting it ready to house penelope as well.

i moved the changing table into master bathroom, which has been AWESOME when dealing with cloth diapers - i hang them to dry in the bathroom, empty them in the toilet when they're dirty, and wash my hands right there.

...trying to figure out what to hang on the walls.  any suggestions??

pregnancy update update.

as of yesterday's news (literally), penelope is locked and loaded (in the correct position), and tmi warning: i'm dilating.

my midwife says she's pretty sure i'll go another week yet, but maybe not much longer than that...!

in a few short days, i'll be free to roller skate and drink martinis to my heart's content. (not at the same time...probably.)

pregnancy update.

this may be my last pregnancy update, since this pregnancy is quickly coming to a close. i'm due in two and half weeks...18 days (not that i'm counting).
what's been happening lately:

penelope was breech...then she she has flipped back. so she's upside-down (or rather, right-side-up, which is bad and confusing), and my midwife isn't sure that she'll flip back before i go into labor. i have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow morning, and if she hasn't flipped, we'll talk about scheduling an appointment where they try to turn her manually from the outside. which i've heard is incredibly painful and is exalted as having a "more than 50% success rate!!" (call me crazy, but those odds seem a little too low to be bragging about.)

to actively try to get her to flip, my chiropractor started doing a special adjustment on me this morning, and i'll go again on wednesday. he has an 80% success rate with this...i like those odds better, and i definitely wouldn't classify it as 'painful.' (although, when you're 9 months pregnant, there are very few things that are entirely pain-free.)

i've also been doing some pretty classy exercises in order to encourage her to flip. they're quite a show - if you pay me $5 i'll let you see me perform them. not convinced? here's a little preview.

actually, this is a(n exact) replica of the illustrative diagram given to me by my midwife. now that i have done this, i would like to make a few minor changes to the diagram based on my personal experience.

minor changes made:

1. mouth crinkled in pain (no, that is not a spider on my face, nor do my exercises cause me to bleed from the mouth.)
2. spine bent at 90-degree angle.
3. giant preggo belly floating in mid-air. complete with sticky-out belly button.
4. feet sticking straight up so as not to snap my spine in half. or in thirds.

(*just to clarify, those are pillows under 'my' hips. not rocks. or a trisomy butt.)

i'm realizing i should've added my long, flowing locks to this illustration, but hindsight is always 20/20.

i'll be waiting for your $5. i don't take personal checks.

i feel better already.

have i told you lately how much i love my new chiropractor? if not, either i haven't seen you in a while or you don't pay attention when i talk. consider this a reprimand.

here is why i love family chiropractic:

1. i feel better.
2. atticus' health has improved.
3. dr. jorgensen is great about answering my questions and pointing me to alternative methods for my family's health.
4. it's affordable, even if you don't have health insurance.
5. birthday chocolates.

the other day i went in, and when acalia saw that i had a recent birthday, she told me to hang on while she got my birthday chocolates. i was thinking it would be like a little baggie of hershey's kisses or something..and i got SO EXCITED because (call me white trash but) that is good chocolate. i'm not even kidding, though, she came out with this little box from the specialty chocolate place downtown!!! oh man...(i was going to write a pun here about hershey's kissing my butt after eating those things...but i'll spare you...but only kind of, since i just wrote it anyway.)

then i forgot them at the office.

so i made a special trip to pick them up, because come on. birthday chocolates.

luckily i ate 90% of them during the last leg of my car ride (birthday chocolates, people) because then i accidentally left the last couple of them in the van and they melted all over my grocery ads. i'm not even lying, i would have still licked the melty chocolates off the ads (birthday chocolates...and we've already established that i'm white trash) but i draw the line at licking newsprint.

so i brought it inside, let it cool down, then i ate the hardened bits that didn't touch the newsprint. i am not sorry.

moving on up to the SOUTH side.

actually, instead of 'moving on up', we're really 'renewing our lease here in the south our two bedroom apartment on the first floor.' not as catchy as the original themesong, but other than that, pretty much the same situation the jeffersons found themselves in. i'm a backtalking, wisecracking, no-nonsense black wife and todd, though tiny in stature, owns a lucrative dry cleaning business.
(seriously, how disproportionate are the jeffersons?)

(plus, our managers strongly remind me of the bunkers, minus the fact that mrs. manager doesn't have any front teeth and likes to use the f-word.)


yes, we are staying in our apartment for another year, and i'm really excited actually. i really like our apartment and i've been doing some repainting and redecorating (i like to call it 'baby-stuff chic') so it has the feeling of being a fresh, albeit cluttered, space without having to actually move....which i DREAD having to do one day.

however, there are a few drawbacks. a while ago we switched the bedrooms (more on that later) and as i pulled our guest bed away from the wall by the window, i realized that our window had been leaking for quite some time and mold had begun to grow in the wall. mmmmm. (please come sleep at our house.)

so the manager took a look at our windows, determined they all were leaking and poorly installed - to the point that 'at some point, gravity will probably just pull them right out of the wall. if i pushed on them right now, they'd pop right out.' cool.

so there was talk about us getting new windows over the winter, but apparently they're waiting until spring to replace them (which wasn't thrilling news, but considering we don't pay for our heat, i wasn't too worked up about it). so we had leaky windows all winter, which would have been a bummer except....

the furnace guy came a week or two ago and discovered that our furnace had been leaking carbon monoxide. why didn't our detectors warn us? because our leaky windows let in enough fresh air to neutralize the carbon monoxide in the air. sigh of relief. what i've learned in this situation: if you're going to have a ghetto apartment, make sure it's REALLY ghetto so that the bad stuff can neutralize the other bad stuff...

that's how to get a deluxe apartment on a single income. BOOM! ROASTED!