i feel better already.

have i told you lately how much i love my new chiropractor? if not, either i haven't seen you in a while or you don't pay attention when i talk. consider this a reprimand.

here is why i love family chiropractic:

1. i feel better.
2. atticus' health has improved.
3. dr. jorgensen is great about answering my questions and pointing me to alternative methods for my family's health.
4. it's affordable, even if you don't have health insurance.
5. birthday chocolates.

the other day i went in, and when acalia saw that i had a recent birthday, she told me to hang on while she got my birthday chocolates. i was thinking it would be like a little baggie of hershey's kisses or something..and i got SO EXCITED because (call me white trash but) that is good chocolate. i'm not even kidding, though, she came out with this little box from the specialty chocolate place downtown!!! oh man...(i was going to write a pun here about hershey's kissing my butt after eating those things...but i'll spare you...but only kind of, since i just wrote it anyway.)

then i forgot them at the office.

so i made a special trip to pick them up, because come on. birthday chocolates.

luckily i ate 90% of them during the last leg of my car ride (birthday chocolates, people) because then i accidentally left the last couple of them in the van and they melted all over my grocery ads. i'm not even lying, i would have still licked the melty chocolates off the ads (birthday chocolates...and we've already established that i'm white trash) but i draw the line at licking newsprint.

so i brought it inside, let it cool down, then i ate the hardened bits that didn't touch the newsprint. i am not sorry.

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apotratz said...

What chiropractor do you go to? I went to one in CF after Andrew and I got married but haven't been back since. Now that I am pregnant too I wouldn't mind seeing a chiro since my back pain has been getting worse! Can't wait to hear about little Penelope being born!!!