guess what?!

if you guessed that i had gone into labor and was, at the very moment i typed this, holding a happy and healthy baby girl in my arms, you would be dead wrong.  she still very much stuck in there.  and there is not much that makes me hope she's coming out any time soon.

other than the fact that TWO WEEKS AGO my typically-accurate midwife gave my pregnancy one more week to live.

yep, i'm going to be pregnant forever.

meanwhile, i'm in a great mood and well rested and look amazing.  i shower every day, don't sleep in rather than read my bible, and am positively glowing.  my pants are entirely comfortable, and really, i couldn't be happier.

does anyone own a trampoline i could possibly borrow?


whenjeskasparks said...

mow the lawn.
i'm not kidding.
i've heard of that working so often.
or walk around the mall.

i'm still praying!
penelope! COME FORTH!

Anonymous said...

we haven't mowed/mown?? our lawn yet this year... so if you're into trying that... come on over :-)

I'm thinking you're really close. I had a mental/emotional breakdown about 24 hours before I went into labor with both our kids.

Break down!! Weep! Eat! Mow!

Or just sit around... that's probably what I would do :-)