okay, it's been like a million years since i've updated you on our actual weekday lives.  we basically get up, eat breakfast, i take a nap, we eat lunch, we all take a nap, we have 'tea time' (more on that later, but the kids are totally in love with it), eat dinner and all go to bed.  it seems this baby is sucking my lifeblood and i need lots and lots of rest.  so i'll take a rest from typing and let photos do the rest of the writing of this blog.

i was super excited to turn 28 weeks.  or five, as my crazyhand would indicate.

finneas got sick and here is a very blurry photo of a huge bubble of snot.  you're welcome.

the kids made our family (minus finn) out of potato heads.  todd looks like he should be named vinnie and own a dry cleaning shop.  or a deli.

atticus maniacally attacked his "me'smore'ial" day s'more.

finn still felt like crap.

and continued to feel like crap.

i gained a bunch of preggo weight in my face.  whenever that happened exactly, it was probably a tasty but sad day.

this is penelope's new favorite toy: horse-on-a-skateboard.  he has his own theme song.

this is a real book.  It Zwibble is a magical dinosaur fairy.  i guess that's a real thing.  and it took three authors to come up with it.

a glimpse into my recent thought life.

not having pinterest to look at and blogs to read over the last three weeks has given me lots of time and space for freedom of thought (meaning, lots of time to watch TV).  here are the things i've been pondering lately with all my newfound freedom:

1.  my blush brand is called 'dream bouncy blush.'  what does that even mean, and who got paid american dollars to come up with that? i think i could do their job better.  also, corporate monkeys who come up with makeup names must think they're marketing to (highly made-up) foreign exchange children.

2. i bet amish people don't try at-home bikini waxes.  and i think that gives them some points for common sense.

3.  i don't think i'm cut out for TV.  not as in, being on TV, but as in, watching it.  i tried watching this soap opera the other day, anticipating eventually having to go into soap opera addiction rehab, because that's what it seems like most people who watch soap operas ought to do.  but i'm not kidding, in twenty minutes, some guy showed up saying he was the mortal twin brother of a vampire (and this tour guide almost drove a wooden flagpole through his heart, but thank the good heavens he somehow proved he was simply an identical twin, not an underlord); another guy started dating a girl in the mob and ran away from home; a lady poisoned the entire cast of 'the chew' and was subsequently being blackmailed by mobgirl's mother; and there was this other twin brother of someone else who was up to no good...inviting a bunch of people to a party.  that last one seems less dramatic than the other story lines, but i promise you everyone was pissed at that guy, so apparently i'm missing something.  also, i have never seen so many dental veneers in a single place in my life.  their teeth were too shiny, so i had to quit watching.

4.  plastic surgery in general.  holy cow.  lots of people on TV have had plastic surgery, and every single one of them looks ridiculous.  i mean, ridiculous.  i'd rather be old and shriveled than expensively and permanently disfigured, thank you very much.

5.  there is this christian mingle commercial that i'm pretty sure CGI'd a to-remain-nameless celebrity's head onto a normal person's body, and then matched her up with a sex offender.

6. there have been a lot of storms here lately, which means a lot of weather alerts and safety tips on the news.  yesterday, the TV literally scrolled, "FLASH FLOOD WARNING! do not drive your car onto roads or fields that are covered in water! don't drown!" i'm glad they're concerned for my safety, but i'm not really sure anyone needs a reminder to not drown.  if they're drowning, it's probably not because the weather channel forgot to mention to not do that.

anyway.  the moral of this story is that i should probably stop watching TV.

video vednesday: a current favorite.

last week, i mentioned i didn't want to post videos while i'm having to blog from starbucks.  todd suggested i summarize the videos in my own words instead.  i think that's brilliant, so here's a basic run-down of my current favorite commercial.

basically, i have no idea what's happening but these guys are racing and this one guy shoots mustard out of the tailpipe of his car, and it smacks the other guy in the face, and the second guy is all that's delicioussssssssss! as he drives off the edge of a cliff.

hilarious every time.

i'm laughing out loud even as i type this.  i'm not sure this solves my 'posting actual videos at starbucks makes me look like a weirdo' problem, since now i'm just a random lady laughing at her own blog at starbucks.  still a weirdo.

just be glad it wasn't you.

i'm going to try one of those stream-of-consciousness blogs.  only really, it's just going to be a play-by-play of the awkward first date currently happening at the table next to me at starbucks.

now he's telling her about how his aunt was in a gang.  she thinks that's colorful.

she's laughing forcedly and dropping the 'SH' word again.

he's telling her about his horrible experience with customer service when he ordered his last pair of dockers.  she just said excitedly, 'what color are they?! tell me about them!!'  (let me remind you, they're dockers.  they're probably some kind of brown color with pant legs, pockets and a zipper.  the end.)

now she's talking about something and he's looking at his phone saying, 'interesting.  interesting.'

i have a feeling this is not going well.

they both keep looking over at me uncomfortably, because i'm somewhat confident they know i'm listening in.  i should probably knock this off and let this date go down in flames in privacy.

a roundabout way of hinting at a useful gift

this weekend we got the opportunity to head back home for a day to wrap some things up at the house and attend a going away party for the families involved in the church plant.  i wasn’t sure exactly how it would go, especially for the kids, since it’s really confusing to explain that ‘we’re visiting the old house, but we’re not staying there, because we’re coming back to the place we’re staying, which isn’t our new house, but it’s our current house.’  a three-year-old has an understandably difficult time wrapping her head around that.  (she thinks that cf is the name of the house where we’re staying.  we go down the street to aldi and she tells me she wants to go back to cf.  like i said, everything is very confusing right now.)

as it turns out, i was the one that had the hardest time with it.  it was so depressing to walk into our boxed-up, empty house.  it smelled all weird and empty, and sounded all echo-y, and the single houseplant that was too big to bring along previously was all sad and droopy-looking from lack of water and, I can only presume, a paige-shaped hole in its heart. 

oh yeah, and we found our garage had a bunch of standing water all over the floor from all the rain…in the stall where we were keeping a bunch of our boxed-up stuff.  excellent.  but i ended up being so grateful that the majority of the water damage was to a big box of stuff headed to goodwill, and a box full of plastic toys.  the box on top of that contained my wedding dress, which miraculously stayed dry.  (although, I am wondering what kind of idiot i was being when i put my wedding dress in the garage in the first place.)

we got a chance to visit the neighbors, to whom we hadn’t had time to say goodbye when we made our mad-dash exodus a couple of weeks ago.  we mowed the lawn.  i lamented the fact that i couldn’t find a single pair of tweezers in all my boxes of stuff, as I’ve been growing a considerable beard since the move and have had no way of taming it.  you know.  run-of-the-mill sad move-y stuff.

if anyone wants to get me some nice tweezers as a moving gift, i wouldn’t stop you or be offended.

how blogging from starbucks makes other people want to kill themselves.

so the other night i was typing away on my laptop at starbucks when the overly-friendly barista (is he still a 'barista' when he's a guy, or is he a 'baristo'?  and does it make a difference if he's super effeminate?  maybe he's still a 'barista'?  'barista' it is.)  was all, 'whatcha workin' on? a final paper?'

which was, at first, flattering, because it made me feel like he thought i was young enough to be a university student.  then i felt embarrassed because he thought i was a very pregnant-looking university student, which is always cause for a little pity, at least at first, i'm guessing.  but then i was even more embarrassed when i had to admit that no, i'm not a pregnant student, just a pathetic pregnant blogger who makes no money blogging and without home access to the internet.

so i was all, 'no, just writing a blog.'

and he was all, 'oh...blogging... that mean, what's that like?'

and i was all, 'oh, you know, it's basically just really narcissistic because you feel like the world ought to hear everything you have to say, even if it's only a run-down of how you personally make fried chicken.'

and he was all, 'yeah... i knew a girl once who blogged about taking a vow of silence.'

and i was all, 'that doesn't make any sense.'

and he didn't get it.  he was all, 'no, i think she liked doing it... but i do wonder what people will think when they look back on all the blogs that were around.'  (apparently Barista has insider knowledge that blogging is already last-season.)

and i was all, 'people will probably be just as annoyed then as they are now that everyone and their mom has an opinion that just has to be aired.'

and he was all, ''  then he started talking into his headset like someone had gone through the drive through, though i was sitting right next to the window and could see no one was out there.

and the moral of the story?  the world of blogging is nebulous to hip-and-with-it college-age baristas.  also, i have no social skills and apparently my self-deprecation makes people want to die when i talk to them.  noted.

video vednesday...

...will be down until i don't have to post blogs from starbucks anymore.  i just can't bear the humiliation of watching youtube videos of yelling goats while the pretentious college kid next to me listens to indie rock on his ear buds and writes his final philosophy paper.  i prefer to be known as an idiot in the privacy of my own home before posting it on the internet for the world to see, thankyouverymuch.  so v.v. hiatus it is.

finn's (third ever) encounter with a doctor.

monday night, as i was frantically throwing crap in boxes to get ready for tuesday's move, the kids were playing on the front porch when a nameless big kid decided to slam the front door on finneas' hand.  and not like, slam it between the door and the door jamb, but like between the door and the floor.  yikes.

it's hard to see here, but the bruise went all the way across the palm of his hand and there was a lot of swelling along his last three fingers.  this was taken a day or two after the incident, so a lot of the swelling was down.

his hand started swelling immediately, and he was FREAKING OUT.  i tried feeding him, and he wouldn't eat.  he wouldn't try to grab things or move his hand, he just held it out all stiff and swollen in front of himself.  i tried giving him a bath, and he only freaked out more.  (i will say, i gave him the bath as i was beginning to anticipate that a trip to the doctor might be necessary.  i also dressed him in a polo and gap jeans.  just because i didn't want my previously dirty, smelly, dressed-in-last-night's-jammies-at-five-at-night kid to tip off any inconspicuous DHS drones.)

so i found a friend to watch the big kids and my sister met me at the ER waiting room.  as soon as we got there, finneas was acting fine.  of course.

after some x-rays and a very long wait in a hospital room over the dinner-and-bedtime hour, we were told that finneas had been officially diagnosed with a bruise.  i was given a packet on 'how to care for your child's bruise' and sent on my merry way.  i felt like a total idiot, and i'm sure they will ever-so-kindly send me an outrageous bill for the whole thing.

however, if i've learned anything from ma ingalls it's that no great loss is without some small gain: if your kid ever has a bruise, i am now an expert and can give you (free-of charge!) all kinds of very expensive pointers on keeping the swelling down and administering tylenol as per the directions on the box.  i'm your go-to bruise girl and you can now breathe easy that answers to all your bruise questions are just a phone call away.  i'd like to think of our hospital bill as tuition for my bruise expert certification.  because that's the only way i can keep myself from throwing up at the thought of the complete unnecessariness (yes, kristy, it's a word now) of it all.

it had to be done.

life is wonky right now.  which led me to instate a new family...tradition?  incident?  whatever.

readers of this blog, meet "Cookies for Dinner Night."  "Cookies for Dinner Night," meet the readers of this blog.

finn's all, 'yeah, it's a cookie.  what of it?'


i highly recommend CFDN.  if you choose to try this in your own family, here are a few pointers:

1. send your kids outside to eat them so you don't even have to wipe the table or sweep the floors.  it is, after all, Cookies for Dinner Night and you should enjoy it, too.

2.  feed them as many cookies as they will hold and then send them right to bed so you don't have to deal with the inevitable sugar crash.  everyone wins.

3.  stop feeling guilty.  you're (probably) a good mom in general and no number of cookies will change that.  (or maybe a certain number will, but i'm guessing you're still under that limit, so don't sweat it.) 


weekly wuraszaup.


this week was cray.  first, i had to take finneas to the emergency room on monday night, which will warrant its own post at some point, but i will just say he's totally fine and we're much poorer.

second, we moved on tuesday.  which was kind of the worst, made worst-er by the fact that we had a doctor's appointment and a grocery pick-up in the morning, plus i had to mow and pack and whatever in the afternoon.  we ended up leaving the house much later than desired, and i didn't even have time to say goodbye to the neighbors and the whole thing was so sad and frustrating.  BUT - in good news, we're all together as a family again!  i kept it on the DL until now, since some of you might be creeps (it's the internet and odds are against you, sorry to have to be the one to say it), but todd has been living in cf for nearly six weeks without us.  he comes home on weekends, but it has been rough to be on my own with the kids, not to mention how hard it has been for them to not see him on many days.  so glad we're done with that part of the move!

third, we have been living in a condo that doesn't have internet.  it has both made me want to die, and made me think that i probably have crazy-awesome wilderness survival skills.  i'm now clearly prepared to weave clothing out of coconut husks if stranded on an island, as indicated by the fact that i have not checked my email since monday.

however, though the condo doesn't have internet, it does have TV! the kids are mesmerized by IPTV, and don't get the concept of 'shows' that you can't watch on demand, unlike our regular method of watching the same twelve episodes of yo gabba gabba over and over on DVD on the laptop.  and you know what?  i'm enthralled with 'friends' on sindication - regardless of the fact that we have all ten seasons on DVD, since i'm basically obsessed. (just try to beat me at 'friends' trivia.  i dare you.  and would like to play for money and frappaccinos.)  there's just something about allowing the TV station to pick out which episode you watch.  so novel. 

and...what else? oh, who knows? i can't keep track of everything right now; i'm just lucky if i have pants on most days.  (or, if we're getting really specific, a worn-two-days-in-a-row skirt with a big splotch of pizza sauce in the back that i've known about for hours but still decided to wear to starbucks anyway.)  so there's probably a bunch of stuff i'm forgetting to tell you about, but maybe by next week i'll be better equipped to relay it all.  in the meantime, i AM still pregnant and i AM going through pinterest withdrawal, just in case you were wondering.

dreaming of our future.

someday, someday, i will have chickens.  as in like, i WILL have chickens.  and although there is a real human baby who has yet to be named though she is due in a couple of real months, todd and i decided to spend our time on sunday morning picking out definitive names for our hypothetical, someday chickens.  so folks, prepare yourselves to one day meet:

chick hickens. (that one's for the kiddies.)
the egg.
the searg.

and we will have chicken races in our yard and can finally put to rest the question of which came first, the "c. hickens" or "the egg."

maybe i should also tell you that we were half-asleep when we devised this plan.

sort-of-weekly 'what's up.'

hey all!  it's 'weekly what up' time.  yeah, it's monday, but seriously, wait until you hear this.

thursday night i'm all minding my own business when this guy in a minivan pulls up to my house, pulls a ladder out of the back of his van and starts to climb onto my roof.

yeah, really.

so i go outside (todd wasn't home at the time, so i had to be all 'man of the house' for one terrifying second) and be all, 'hey guy, that's my roof.  what's up?'  as it turns out, he was the internet guy, who had been notified when we thought we were moving that we no longer needed internet, and was coming to get his equipment off our roof.  (have i ever told you that we don't get our internet service through a company, but rather a guy who just like...sells internet?  weird situation, crappy internet service, but it costs like 19 bucks a month and clearly the service is incredibly personal.)

anyway.  that's why i didn't blog on friday: i was suddenly without internet.  (also, have i told you i don't have a smart phone or even texting?  so without my podunk internet connection, i was suddenly very lonely out on the isolated frontier.)  (also, i'm blogging from mcdonald's right now, in case you're wondering.)

it was all good, though, because i didn't really have time to be blogging, since i was packing boxes.  since we're moving tomorrow.  and this time i won't be all, 'just kidding.'  this is for realsies, folks.

i still don't really know how it's all going to go down: we don't have a rental lined up, and we haven't found a house worth buying in our price range, so we'll be staying for a couple weeks at the home of my friend's vacationing mom.  she'll be gone for like three weeks, so she'll let us stay there until she gets back, and after that we'll move in with our pastor and his family until...i don't really know.

we're still praying we can find an affordable house in the town where todd's job is, so he won't have a commute, and so that we can reach out to the college kids in that town.  the problem is that a LOT of the town is in a flood plain, so it's hard to find houses that stay dry when the river rises, and are still affordable and have enough space for us.  and we're hoping to find a permanent place before the baby comes.  too much to ask? 

oh, and in case you're bored with our tumultuous moving news, finneas learned to climb the stairs this week, and i am currently looking like this:

(so, it turns out i forgot the camera card at home, so this well-rendered sketch should give you an idea.  though, i think you can tell that i gave up when it came to drawing the three-fingered hand at the end of my still-slim-and-not-currently-pudging-in-real-life-i-swear arm.  i have better things to do with my time than draw all five fingers.)

pregnancy: when you repeatedly read dumb advice from stupid people and don't even notice.

i have the dumbest pregnancy book in the world.

i first got it when i was pregnant with atticus, and the thing i liked about it was that it was broken down week-by-week, rather than monthly like many other books.  what i didn't realize at the time was that, in order to have something to say each week, the authors filled the book with all kinds of weird and/or unnecessary crap.

though we've read through it with each kid, i never really noticed until this pregnancy just how stupid some of it is.  i mean, i noticed some of the especially generic stuff right away. ('dad tip' for week 14? 'if you are out of town, call your partner every day.'  excellent.  so glad the pregnancy book covered that, or there would be lots of roaming babydaddies out there with no clue as to how often to call their long-distance partners, and then they'd call all willy-nilly and every-other-day-like, and all hell would break loose, and resultingly, babies would cease to be born.)  but i'm shocked at how much 'new' dumb stuff is coming to light this time through.

here are a few recent nuggets:

*an entire highlighted section addressing the question, "Are You Concerned About Anthrax?"

*sexual practices to be avoided during pregnancy: inserting anything into the hoo-ha that can cause injury or infection, and blowing air directly up there.  first, both practices seem wise to avoid,  regardless of fertility status.  second, who would need to be cautioned to not do these things?  if you know something could cause infection or injury, i would hope you would know to abstain from doing weird things with it. 

also, i'm not sure who would ever have the idea to blow air directly up the birth canal as some sort of sex maneuver, and also lack the common sense that tells them that some ideas are just better left untried, but apparently he's out there.  and i suppose it's good that's someone's out to thwart him, and in print, no less.  it's always better to have these things in black and white.

*'some women are concerned about eating out.  they want to know if they can eat certain types of food, such as mexican, vietnamese, thai or greek food.'  (todd's response?  'what do mexican, vietnamese, thai and greek pregnant women eat?')  i can only imagine the questions that would cause you to be concerned to eat mexican food: what if my baby's racist and has a problem with me eating these refried beans?  what if eating too many fajitas will cause my baby to come out in full-on mariachi attire with one of those tiny guitars and a carpet-like mustache?  does this mexican restaurant use regular tap water with which to cook the rice, or do they intentionally import water from back alley mexican gutters to give it an authentic kick?  maybe, since i can't know the answers to these questions, i should abstain from eating all mexican food.

*"if smells are important to you, be sure to include them in your life."  not even kidding, that's a supposed to pass as a pregnancy tip.  my question is, is it even possible to not include smells in your life?  i mean like if smells aren't important to you, can you just be all, 'consider smells unincluded in my life.  i'm too good for smells.'?  and also, if smells are important to you, are you likely just sitting around like, 'i'm pregnant and also, smells are important to me, but i don't know how to rectify this situation' and then you just happen to stumble upon the part of the book that tells you to include smells in your life and you're all, 'EUREKA!'?

*'dad tip' for week 22: when you ride together in the car with your partner, ask her if you can assist her in any way.'  only in the car.  where adult needs are suddenly innumerable, highly intense, and urgent.

*"women who smoke or drink heavily need to take prenatal supplements."  um, last time i checked, the health concerns regarding pregnant women who smoke or drink heavily cannot be remedied by a prenatal supplement.  they can be remedied by not smoking and drinking heavily while pregnant.

all that to say, i'm thinking that i should write a pregnancy book.  i clearly am better equipped for it than the people who are currently getting paid the big bucks to do it.  my pregnancy book would be filled with advice, tips and nuggets such as, 'watch some tv.  wear loose-fitting clothing.  ignore household duties.  here's a pinterest brownie recipe you should make right now - you're welcome.  also, i swear you won't get anthrax.'  people could benefit from my sage wisdom, i think.

video vednesday: sue likes surprise parties.

i'm pretty sure sue would have been more enthusiastic for penelope's birthday cake than penelope herself was.


over the weekend, i was just sitting there, minding my own business, when i discovered that this had come in the mail:

i have not felt so irrationally proud of a non-accomplishment in a long time.  i was all, you're right, Ford Dealership, i have owned my windstar minivan for four full years!  i have owned it like a beast.  finally, some recognition!

it just goes to show that with very little hard work and a lot of passivity, even the lowliest among us can cut a break every once in a while.

penelope is tha-ree.

penelope had a small birthday party on saturday.  in the true spirit of van voorst birthday parties, it was podunk.  we ordered pizza, and i even coerced my sister into baking the cake so i wouldn't have to.  (penelope requested a 'chocolate sparkle feather cake.'  between the two of us, we really expected a lot out of lauren.  but she totally came through for us.  minus making the cake out of feathers.)

some things to notice in this video:

1.  the one and only candle i could find in the house was a #1 candle leftover from finn's birthday, so that's what was on her cake.

2.  atticus looks bored out of his mind.  when asked if he could be more excited, he answered, 'yeah.'

3.  i made the mistake of allowing penelope to open presents before the whole candle-blowing experience, so she's so absorbed in her new purse full of colored pens that she is pretty apathetic about the rest of the party.

and if there's one thing that can be said about the van voorst children, it's that they have a deep, unending (and sometimes crazed-looking) passion for cake.

happy birthday (recap) to our biggest little girl!

what's up. i'm cold. life sucks.

this week has been weird.  monday, the furnace repair guy came.  it was like 80 degrees outside.  wednesday it was like 50 degrees, so i went to turn on the furnace and no dice.  we haven't had heat since then, but supposedly he's coming this morning to charge us for another repair to the furnace that was last run when he was looking at it.  sound sketchy to you too?  so i'm cold and about to become poorer, both things i generally dislike.

we spent the night at a friend's house last night since our house was basically a beer cooler at that point.  my frigid-fingered kids (and i!) were grateful for the opportunity for a slumber party in a nice, warm house.  although my contribution to the whole shebang was to bring over a box of popsicles.  i have very little common sense, if that's not clear.

in terms of moving, we found out sunday night that there was a house available for us to rent in cedar falls, so we were all, "DIBS!" i started throwing stuff in boxes faster than you can say...the thing you can say fastest.  but then some stuff went down and we were all, "DIBS RENEGGED!" and throwing-stuff-into-boxes came to a halt.  apparently the news of the impending move made my brain go all, "PACK ALL THE THINGS!" and news of the not-impending not-move made my brain go all, "EAT ALL THE COOKIES AND PIN ALL THE THINGS!"  so all i really have to show for this week are exploding-at-the-seams pinboards and some frostbite.  (it is encouraging to find that pinterest is still very much accessible to those with solidly frozen claw-hands.  one small step in the name of equal-opportunity pinning, i guess.)

so that's where we're at: cold and not moving.  anticipating yet another bill to have our furnace up and running again in may.  (have y'all not read facebook lately? apparently there's some inappropriately bad weather going down in iowa.  i would like to add my two cents that my furnace should not need a repair in may.  because it's may.)

here's a photo from earlier this week, when times were happier and temperatures were higher:


okay, false alarm.  we're not moving this weekend.  i don't think.  obviously stuff could change (and then change back, even) at the drop of a hat, but as of right now, we're not moving.  and as far as i know, we won't be moving until the end of june.

i don't want to get into the why's.  and i don't want to get into just how difficult i worry these next two months will be as a result, for various reasons.  and i don't want to get into how i want to bathe my troubles away in a tub full of texas roadhouse cinnamon butter.  these are the only things i'm really going to dwell on for now:

1.  god's good, and he's got this.  for whatever reason, he chose for this to happen.

2.  i'm not a victim of my circumstances, i'm a child of a sovereign god, so i can just get over my pouting and grow a pair and face whatever comes knowing that i've been given a spirit of strength.

3.  wherever we live, it's not our 'home.'  there are earthly homes that allow me more or less contentment than others, but seriously, life is one big transitional-housing experience. 

4.  when i'm not given everything i think i want when i think i want it, it's easy to forget that i've already been given everything that actually matters.  on the cross, god gave me a permanent home and a place forever in a secure family.  whatever the crap happens here doesn't change that.

5. packing is the worst and i don't have to deal with it for awhile.  so that's pretty excellent.

video vednesday (and normal-wednesday update)

first, the update.  if you didn't see on facebook, we are moving...this saturday.  yeah, i know it seems sudden, but you have to cut me some slack for not telling you sooner;  i really only just found out myself this last sunday.  so for those of you doing the math at home, that's six days' notice to pack a 3,000-square-foot, five-bedroom house in order to move into an 800-square-foot, two-bedroom rental.  adventure!  insanity!  spontaneaity! i need something deep-fried and also a massage! 

needless to say, it will be quiet around here for the next few days.  it's not that i don't love you - i do; but blogging doesn't pay the bills or pack the boxes, so you're at the bottom of the priority pile.  if you have a problem with that, pay my bills or pack my boxes and we'll talk.

secondly, video vednesday is back in full-swing, thanks to your hilarious suggestions.  i chose this one (these two, really - watch them both) today because i feel about as crazy as this girl appears to be.  also, because watching it makes me forget, for a moment, the state of my out-of-control life.  also, because i want to be this happy.

thanks jeska for sending these!  the kids couldn't be more grateful, or more confused as to what is happening.