sort-of-weekly 'what's up.'

hey all!  it's 'weekly what up' time.  yeah, it's monday, but seriously, wait until you hear this.

thursday night i'm all minding my own business when this guy in a minivan pulls up to my house, pulls a ladder out of the back of his van and starts to climb onto my roof.

yeah, really.

so i go outside (todd wasn't home at the time, so i had to be all 'man of the house' for one terrifying second) and be all, 'hey guy, that's my roof.  what's up?'  as it turns out, he was the internet guy, who had been notified when we thought we were moving that we no longer needed internet, and was coming to get his equipment off our roof.  (have i ever told you that we don't get our internet service through a company, but rather a guy who just like...sells internet?  weird situation, crappy internet service, but it costs like 19 bucks a month and clearly the service is incredibly personal.)

anyway.  that's why i didn't blog on friday: i was suddenly without internet.  (also, have i told you i don't have a smart phone or even texting?  so without my podunk internet connection, i was suddenly very lonely out on the isolated frontier.)  (also, i'm blogging from mcdonald's right now, in case you're wondering.)

it was all good, though, because i didn't really have time to be blogging, since i was packing boxes.  since we're moving tomorrow.  and this time i won't be all, 'just kidding.'  this is for realsies, folks.

i still don't really know how it's all going to go down: we don't have a rental lined up, and we haven't found a house worth buying in our price range, so we'll be staying for a couple weeks at the home of my friend's vacationing mom.  she'll be gone for like three weeks, so she'll let us stay there until she gets back, and after that we'll move in with our pastor and his family until...i don't really know.

we're still praying we can find an affordable house in the town where todd's job is, so he won't have a commute, and so that we can reach out to the college kids in that town.  the problem is that a LOT of the town is in a flood plain, so it's hard to find houses that stay dry when the river rises, and are still affordable and have enough space for us.  and we're hoping to find a permanent place before the baby comes.  too much to ask? 

oh, and in case you're bored with our tumultuous moving news, finneas learned to climb the stairs this week, and i am currently looking like this:

(so, it turns out i forgot the camera card at home, so this well-rendered sketch should give you an idea.  though, i think you can tell that i gave up when it came to drawing the three-fingered hand at the end of my still-slim-and-not-currently-pudging-in-real-life-i-swear arm.  i have better things to do with my time than draw all five fingers.)


todd said...

hopefully God does not take the same laissez-faire attitude toward knitting together our daughter.

The Crislers said...

I was all set to leave what was probably a really profound comment (stop laughing) when Todd's comment distracted me, struck me as incredibly funny, and I forgot whatever my amazing comment was supposed to be about.

I, too, hope God takes the time to give you a ten-fingered kid. Or maybe even six per hand, and then you could play The Princess Bride at your house and VV #6 would always have to be the Six-Fingered-Man. Woman. Whatever.

Mike Neese said...

I have an extra smart phone if you need one!

todd said...

mikos, that is very kind of you. good lookin' out. but we don't have a data plan either, so a smart phone would remain dumb in our capable, yet dataless hands.

Mike Neese said...

I have it all ready set up on a data plan if you need it!!
4g speed with 5GB of data for you bro!!!!
And a wifi HOT SPOT to boot eh?