weekly wuraszaup.


this week was cray.  first, i had to take finneas to the emergency room on monday night, which will warrant its own post at some point, but i will just say he's totally fine and we're much poorer.

second, we moved on tuesday.  which was kind of the worst, made worst-er by the fact that we had a doctor's appointment and a grocery pick-up in the morning, plus i had to mow and pack and whatever in the afternoon.  we ended up leaving the house much later than desired, and i didn't even have time to say goodbye to the neighbors and the whole thing was so sad and frustrating.  BUT - in good news, we're all together as a family again!  i kept it on the DL until now, since some of you might be creeps (it's the internet and odds are against you, sorry to have to be the one to say it), but todd has been living in cf for nearly six weeks without us.  he comes home on weekends, but it has been rough to be on my own with the kids, not to mention how hard it has been for them to not see him on many days.  so glad we're done with that part of the move!

third, we have been living in a condo that doesn't have internet.  it has both made me want to die, and made me think that i probably have crazy-awesome wilderness survival skills.  i'm now clearly prepared to weave clothing out of coconut husks if stranded on an island, as indicated by the fact that i have not checked my email since monday.

however, though the condo doesn't have internet, it does have TV! the kids are mesmerized by IPTV, and don't get the concept of 'shows' that you can't watch on demand, unlike our regular method of watching the same twelve episodes of yo gabba gabba over and over on DVD on the laptop.  and you know what?  i'm enthralled with 'friends' on sindication - regardless of the fact that we have all ten seasons on DVD, since i'm basically obsessed. (just try to beat me at 'friends' trivia.  i dare you.  and would like to play for money and frappaccinos.)  there's just something about allowing the TV station to pick out which episode you watch.  so novel. 

and...what else? oh, who knows? i can't keep track of everything right now; i'm just lucky if i have pants on most days.  (or, if we're getting really specific, a worn-two-days-in-a-row skirt with a big splotch of pizza sauce in the back that i've known about for hours but still decided to wear to starbucks anyway.)  so there's probably a bunch of stuff i'm forgetting to tell you about, but maybe by next week i'll be better equipped to relay it all.  in the meantime, i AM still pregnant and i AM going through pinterest withdrawal, just in case you were wondering.


todd said...

e'er body gettin cray!

YAYA said...

However do you know how to weave clothing out of coconut husks if stranded on an island when you don't have any YouTube tutorials to teach you step by step?

whenjeskasparks said...

i have all intentions of calling you this week :) fyi. haha.