what's up. i'm cold. life sucks.

this week has been weird.  monday, the furnace repair guy came.  it was like 80 degrees outside.  wednesday it was like 50 degrees, so i went to turn on the furnace and no dice.  we haven't had heat since then, but supposedly he's coming this morning to charge us for another repair to the furnace that was last run when he was looking at it.  sound sketchy to you too?  so i'm cold and about to become poorer, both things i generally dislike.

we spent the night at a friend's house last night since our house was basically a beer cooler at that point.  my frigid-fingered kids (and i!) were grateful for the opportunity for a slumber party in a nice, warm house.  although my contribution to the whole shebang was to bring over a box of popsicles.  i have very little common sense, if that's not clear.

in terms of moving, we found out sunday night that there was a house available for us to rent in cedar falls, so we were all, "DIBS!" i started throwing stuff in boxes faster than you can say...the thing you can say fastest.  but then some stuff went down and we were all, "DIBS RENEGGED!" and throwing-stuff-into-boxes came to a halt.  apparently the news of the impending move made my brain go all, "PACK ALL THE THINGS!" and news of the not-impending not-move made my brain go all, "EAT ALL THE COOKIES AND PIN ALL THE THINGS!"  so all i really have to show for this week are exploding-at-the-seams pinboards and some frostbite.  (it is encouraging to find that pinterest is still very much accessible to those with solidly frozen claw-hands.  one small step in the name of equal-opportunity pinning, i guess.)

so that's where we're at: cold and not moving.  anticipating yet another bill to have our furnace up and running again in may.  (have y'all not read facebook lately? apparently there's some inappropriately bad weather going down in iowa.  i would like to add my two cents that my furnace should not need a repair in may.  because it's may.)

here's a photo from earlier this week, when times were happier and temperatures were higher:

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todd said...

i can't believe it's maytember.