a roundabout way of hinting at a useful gift

this weekend we got the opportunity to head back home for a day to wrap some things up at the house and attend a going away party for the families involved in the church plant.  i wasn’t sure exactly how it would go, especially for the kids, since it’s really confusing to explain that ‘we’re visiting the old house, but we’re not staying there, because we’re coming back to the place we’re staying, which isn’t our new house, but it’s our current house.’  a three-year-old has an understandably difficult time wrapping her head around that.  (she thinks that cf is the name of the house where we’re staying.  we go down the street to aldi and she tells me she wants to go back to cf.  like i said, everything is very confusing right now.)

as it turns out, i was the one that had the hardest time with it.  it was so depressing to walk into our boxed-up, empty house.  it smelled all weird and empty, and sounded all echo-y, and the single houseplant that was too big to bring along previously was all sad and droopy-looking from lack of water and, I can only presume, a paige-shaped hole in its heart. 

oh yeah, and we found our garage had a bunch of standing water all over the floor from all the rain…in the stall where we were keeping a bunch of our boxed-up stuff.  excellent.  but i ended up being so grateful that the majority of the water damage was to a big box of stuff headed to goodwill, and a box full of plastic toys.  the box on top of that contained my wedding dress, which miraculously stayed dry.  (although, I am wondering what kind of idiot i was being when i put my wedding dress in the garage in the first place.)

we got a chance to visit the neighbors, to whom we hadn’t had time to say goodbye when we made our mad-dash exodus a couple of weeks ago.  we mowed the lawn.  i lamented the fact that i couldn’t find a single pair of tweezers in all my boxes of stuff, as I’ve been growing a considerable beard since the move and have had no way of taming it.  you know.  run-of-the-mill sad move-y stuff.

if anyone wants to get me some nice tweezers as a moving gift, i wouldn’t stop you or be offended.


lauren said...

it says posted by todd but I'm going to assume that I'm actually responding to paige here. unless todd shapes his facial hair with tweezers. in that case, you have nerves of steel, mr.vv.

I'm praying that a home comes on the market this week that you and todd both love and that will be a great fit for your family timing/cost/size wise.

todd said...

correctamundo laur corp

i posted this for paige.

i would NEVER forget MY tweezers.