i was going to write another blog about todd's birthday and his parents' visit to ames, but i got sidetracked by the realization that i have a gift card to chocolaterie stam that i haven't used up yet. mmm. the blog will have to wait while i go dig in the cupboards for something chocolate to hold me over until it's no longer 9:30 at night and the stam is closed.

week 35

about a week and a half ago, we spent an afternoon in des moines and did a little shopping.
we went to motherhood maternity for the first time, since i couldn't find it the last time i went (seriously, there's one in every mall in dm except jordan creek, where the only maternity store is baby gap. who knew?) considering i only have a couple weeks to go, we just picked up some necessities and left.
we also hit bed, bath and beyond (i love that store!) and got some new bedding!! i'm so excited to put it on the bed!! i've kind of been putting it off, though, because i have this feeling that as soon as we get our brand-new, neutral-colored bedding all cleaned and put on, my water will break or something and then they'll be all gross. not that the bedding that we currently have wouldn't be gross in the same situation, but you know...

and finally, the main event that afternoon was PICKING UP OUR CRIB!! we got all paid for and loaded, and when we got it home, todd got right to work on setting it up. it didn't take long at all, and i'm so excited to see it everytime i walk in the guest room (which i guess isn't a guest room anymore and i should start referring to it as the baby room). our changing table should be coming soon as well, and then it will really start looking like a nursery instead of a catch-all room. hopefully.

and finally, on an unrelated note... after eating over two pounds of bacon by myself over the last two weeks, that craving is officially over and i couldn't be happier. our house has pretty much constantly smelled like bacon, and i wouldn't be surprised if atticus pops out smelling like hickory smoke and needing bypass surgery.

free singalongs, i heart chuckabee's, and a grossly mistitled film

so folks, i'm off work!!! i love my job, but it feels nice to be home and not working.

paige wrote a few blogs back about our awesome phil wickham concert. if you want an idea of what we experienced, for free nonetheless, go to this url:

enter your info and you will be sent an e-mail with a link to download phil wickham's singalong for free!!! it is a live recording of just him and an acoustic guitar. it is great. i listened to it this past week and it reminded me alot of the show... and it's free. if you don't like it, you can trash it.

i have a dilemma. i do not really like either of the two primary candidates running for office. i know i will not give my vote to obama based on fundamental differences in worldview. however, i have not yet decided if i will give my vote to mccain, who does not entirely impress me and was my least favorite of all the republican contenders for the nomination. so then i considered not voting, which my mother informed me is unpatriotic and possibly a sin? (she may have gone there had i not relented). so what is a person like me supposed to do? i had really wanted to vote "for" someone this election. i have voted against people in past elections (see john kerry), but i really wanted to vote for someone, enthusiastically, not merely as a preventative measure or self-defense. so i checked out some issue-related material from back when huckabee was running for the gop nod.

that would have been fun to vote for. he wouldn't have had a very good chance of winning the general election without God's divine intervention, (which of all the candidates, he would have been the most likely to received the Father's help) but at least i would have voted for someone. perhaps i'll write him in. do votes carry over for next time? :)

lastly, i recently saw, "ernest scared stupid." my wife told me that as a child it scared her horribly and that for a kids' movie it was pretty intense. yeah, ... not getting that. whoever lobbyed for the "scared" to be inserted into the title was clearly motivational, had a lot of money, and/or was a victim of u.s. army PCP experiments from the 70's because in the end it was more just "ernest = stupid"

two nintendo calloused thumbs down!

(how was that for a blog dewhurst? no books were harmed or mentioned in the production of this blog)

i've got the blues (which makes me crave macaroni)

i'm blue. i want our little guy to come. not too early, obviously, but i wish not-too-early was closer. does that make sense?

so, to pass the time, i will be packing the hospital bag tonight. yes, i realize we still have like 6 weeks to go. but i feel like i need to do something to get ready...

i miss my little guy.

i want some bacon, too, while we're talking about things i wish i had. atticus and bacon.

oh, also.

we found a crib!! one that i like even better than the first one, especially after learning that the first one was discontinued because of safety issues. (a baby got its head stuck between the mattress and the side. which is no laughing matter. but the image does make me giggle. i'm a horrible person.)

not only is it cuter and has way higher quality reviews from people who have already bought it, but it also ended up being cheaper due to some awesome blessings!

originally, it was like 70 dollars more expensive than the first one, which made me hesitant at first, but after talking about it with todd, we decided that it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a more expensive, higher quality crib than to have to buy multiple cheaper cribs because of poor quality.

then, with a baby gift, we received a coupon for 20% off any one baby item at babies 'r us. which saved us...exactly 70 bucks. god thing? i think so. so then i called the store to see if ordering it into the store rather than having it delivered at our house would save on shipping. yep - free shipping when ordered to the store, we just have to spend the gas money to go pick it up. AND the store was having a sale for 10% off furniture at the time we ordered it, which saved us another 30 bucks. SO. we saved 100 bucks plus shipping, making it way cheaper than the first chinese finger-trap crib we picked out.

so, all that being said, we have ordered a cute crib at a bargain! so now i'd like to introduce you to jim "nightrider" van voorst, crib to the stars:

(we will also be ordering the changing table soon.)

we'll put up real pictures once we get it! i'm so excited!

birthing videos, the color guard, and caroline ingalls-esque resourcefulness.

life has been pretty hectic around here as of late! a lot has happened in the last few weeks. most noticeably, atticus is getting to be a load and i'm finally starting to feel "big." as in, "too big." as in, i'm not just ready to have him so that i can meet him, but i'm ready for my bathrobe to fit again and to not have to rotate the same 3 shirts over and over. and to sleep on my back....ahhh, that will be so nice!

we started our birthing class on tuesday. it will definitely be interesting, i think. whoever thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of preggers ladies in a room for two hours in uncomfortable chairs with no food was probably a single guy. or the freaks who set up the jcpenny maternity section.
we have three more weeks of classes, which will include more massage techniques for todd to learn (fun!), a tour of the baby floor at the hospital (funnish), and some lovely videos of actual births (opposite of fun. what they do for fun in hell.) i think there's a reason why god made it so that women don't see what's going on during birth. and, if i don't want to watch my own kid being born, i'm fairly confident that watching some other lady's cooter during labor isn't going to be a frollick in a field on a spring day. but, who knows? maybe we'll want to buy it on dvd and watch it on date nights.
i've also started the parenting class at cornerstone, and am loving it! however, it does make for a busy week, since we have birthing classes on tuesdays and parenting classes on wednesdays. but, it's good information and i'm sure it'll all be worthwhile in the end.

in other news, todd and i went to a phil wickham concert on saturday. it was AWESOME! it was just him and his guitar. he has such a pretty voice! it was at zeke's, and the lady who organized it also personally provided some improv liturgical dancing with scandinavian flags. it was like two performances for the price of one. and we were left with the burning desire to see the whole "you get what you pay for" thing come true, but to no avail. ah, to each their weirdo own.

and finally, i have officially changed my name to the applemaster. or something cooler-sounding having to do with apples. todd told me that the group house where he works has an apple tree in the backyard with some pretty decent-tasting apples on it... so i sent him to work one day with a huge pot and he brought home a ton of apples for me.
(this pot was filled to the brim with apples.)
we then spent a couple hours over the course of two evenings sitting on the couch, peeling apples one by's probably the only reason i was able to watch the entire vice presidential debate (not because it was bad, but because i'm more of a "the office" kind of girl than a "political debate" kind of girl.) so, i furthered my domestic skills AND my political informedness at the same time. not to mention, i was improving my multitasking capabilities. nice.

(yes, that IS an aladdin bath towel. that has definitely seen better days.)
after we had peeled all the apples, i boiled them down, and todd ran them through the food processor, which has come in WAY more handy than i could have ever imagined when we registered for it.
this is what we were left with:

nearly one and a half gallons of applesauce. FREE applesauce, i should say. free applesauce that can be used as baby food, or in cakes or applesauce cookies or applesauce bread, or made into apple butter, or used in place of the oil in baking recipes, or in extreme cases, just eaten as applesauce. oh, the possibilities. and the frugality. giving myself a pat on the back, not going to lie...
so then i baggied it all in 2-cup amounts, laid it flat to freeze, and VOILA! rock-hard bricks of applesauce that fall out onto my feet every time i open the freezer! no pain, no gain.

the whole process, though kind of tedious, was actually pretty fun since todd and i worked on it together, and will be totally worth it in the end!
okay, i think that's all for tonight. i'll try to update more regularly.

"sense and sensuality: Jesus talks with oscar wilde on the pursuit of pleasure (great conversations) by ravi zacharias

for those of you unfamiliar with ravi zacharias' "great conversations" series, here is the set-up: ravi creates a historical fiction account of a conversation between Jesus Christ and someone who represents an ideology in conflict with Christianity, sensual hedonism for example in this book's case. there are others (i.e. "the lotus on the Cross," Jesus talks with Buddha, "the lamb and the fuhrer," Jesus talks with Hitler, etc...) which are equally as compelling. they are quick reads being as how they are primarily conversational and consist of about 100 pages. the library only has this one, so i'm returning it on saturday if anybody wants it. i have "the lotus on the cross" if someone wants to borrow it. the others, you'd have to purchase.

the book is fantastic. ravi does a great job of using Jesus' words to articulate the LORD's appeal to both desire and restraint. oscar wilde was someone i had only been introduced to in snapshots previously. his life was characterized as one of an agonizing conflict between an inner pull and conscience toward God battling with a strong physical desire to fufill every whim and fancy that provoked it. mr. blaise pascal is introdoced into the story as well as a prophet of sorts who speaks to the necessity and lovingkindness of God in placing the law into our lives. wilde's primary accusation toward God is the purpose of law and restraint when unending grace is offered. overall, it is a captivating read and has prompted me to look into some of his (wilde's) novels, which were referenced to confirm certain ideas held by wilde that permeated his storytelling. they may end up making the cut for future reading: especially "the picture of dorian gray" which sounds very interesting.

have a good day! read a book.

awesome. may or may not remember the post about our baby registry. the one where i described looking for a crib at babies 'r us and ending up in tears because i couldn't find anything i liked? the one where i described then going online for two hours to find one i did like? that one? well. we have an update: the manufacturer has stopped making that particular crib and we are back at square one. lovely!

in much more exciting news, TODD HAS A JOB INTERVIEW SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY! here at the casita, we're pretty excited. it's for a health professions investigator position for the iowa dental board. please be praying it goes well, that they offer him the position, and that it's one he feels comfortable in taking.

also, falling in love with "the vaccine book" by robert sears. it is the absolute least-biased book i have found on the subject, written by a leading pediatrician, and super informative. loving it!