"sense and sensuality: Jesus talks with oscar wilde on the pursuit of pleasure (great conversations) by ravi zacharias

for those of you unfamiliar with ravi zacharias' "great conversations" series, here is the set-up: ravi creates a historical fiction account of a conversation between Jesus Christ and someone who represents an ideology in conflict with Christianity, sensual hedonism for example in this book's case. there are others (i.e. "the lotus on the Cross," Jesus talks with Buddha, "the lamb and the fuhrer," Jesus talks with Hitler, etc...) which are equally as compelling. they are quick reads being as how they are primarily conversational and consist of about 100 pages. the library only has this one, so i'm returning it on saturday if anybody wants it. i have "the lotus on the cross" if someone wants to borrow it. the others, you'd have to purchase.

the book is fantastic. ravi does a great job of using Jesus' words to articulate the LORD's appeal to both desire and restraint. oscar wilde was someone i had only been introduced to in snapshots previously. his life was characterized as one of an agonizing conflict between an inner pull and conscience toward God battling with a strong physical desire to fufill every whim and fancy that provoked it. mr. blaise pascal is introdoced into the story as well as a prophet of sorts who speaks to the necessity and lovingkindness of God in placing the law into our lives. wilde's primary accusation toward God is the purpose of law and restraint when unending grace is offered. overall, it is a captivating read and has prompted me to look into some of his (wilde's) novels, which were referenced to confirm certain ideas held by wilde that permeated his storytelling. they may end up making the cut for future reading: especially "the picture of dorian gray" which sounds very interesting.

have a good day! read a book.

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