oh, also.

we found a crib!! one that i like even better than the first one, especially after learning that the first one was discontinued because of safety issues. (a baby got its head stuck between the mattress and the side. which is no laughing matter. but the image does make me giggle. i'm a horrible person.)

not only is it cuter and has way higher quality reviews from people who have already bought it, but it also ended up being cheaper due to some awesome blessings!

originally, it was like 70 dollars more expensive than the first one, which made me hesitant at first, but after talking about it with todd, we decided that it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a more expensive, higher quality crib than to have to buy multiple cheaper cribs because of poor quality.

then, with a baby gift, we received a coupon for 20% off any one baby item at babies 'r us. which saved us...exactly 70 bucks. god thing? i think so. so then i called the store to see if ordering it into the store rather than having it delivered at our house would save on shipping. yep - free shipping when ordered to the store, we just have to spend the gas money to go pick it up. AND the store was having a sale for 10% off furniture at the time we ordered it, which saved us another 30 bucks. SO. we saved 100 bucks plus shipping, making it way cheaper than the first chinese finger-trap crib we picked out.

so, all that being said, we have ordered a cute crib at a bargain! so now i'd like to introduce you to jim "nightrider" van voorst, crib to the stars:

(we will also be ordering the changing table soon.)

we'll put up real pictures once we get it! i'm so excited!

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