week 35

about a week and a half ago, we spent an afternoon in des moines and did a little shopping.
we went to motherhood maternity for the first time, since i couldn't find it the last time i went (seriously, there's one in every mall in dm except jordan creek, where the only maternity store is baby gap. who knew?) considering i only have a couple weeks to go, we just picked up some necessities and left.
we also hit bed, bath and beyond (i love that store!) and got some new bedding!! i'm so excited to put it on the bed!! i've kind of been putting it off, though, because i have this feeling that as soon as we get our brand-new, neutral-colored bedding all cleaned and put on, my water will break or something and then they'll be all gross. not that the bedding that we currently have wouldn't be gross in the same situation, but you know...

and finally, the main event that afternoon was PICKING UP OUR CRIB!! we got all paid for and loaded, and when we got it home, todd got right to work on setting it up. it didn't take long at all, and i'm so excited to see it everytime i walk in the guest room (which i guess isn't a guest room anymore and i should start referring to it as the baby room). our changing table should be coming soon as well, and then it will really start looking like a nursery instead of a catch-all room. hopefully.

and finally, on an unrelated note... after eating over two pounds of bacon by myself over the last two weeks, that craving is officially over and i couldn't be happier. our house has pretty much constantly smelled like bacon, and i wouldn't be surprised if atticus pops out smelling like hickory smoke and needing bypass surgery.


tivo vovo said...

paige forgot to mention that we also ate at the mall at her favorite: panda express!!! orange chicken for everyone.

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWW!!! love the crib! Love the super excited picture next to the crib! I'm so excited for you guys!!