awesome. may or may not remember the post about our baby registry. the one where i described looking for a crib at babies 'r us and ending up in tears because i couldn't find anything i liked? the one where i described then going online for two hours to find one i did like? that one? well. we have an update: the manufacturer has stopped making that particular crib and we are back at square one. lovely!

in much more exciting news, TODD HAS A JOB INTERVIEW SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY! here at the casita, we're pretty excited. it's for a health professions investigator position for the iowa dental board. please be praying it goes well, that they offer him the position, and that it's one he feels comfortable in taking.

also, falling in love with "the vaccine book" by robert sears. it is the absolute least-biased book i have found on the subject, written by a leading pediatrician, and super informative. loving it!


Anonymous said...

Wow, highs and lows, huh!? That's a bummer about the crib. You will find one that will be even better. No matter how cool it is it will never be as awesomely beautiful as what it will hold :-)

tivo vovo said...

that's true.
atticus will hopefully outshine the confines of his meager beginnings.

after all, he's lightening in a bottle!