i'm posting to say i'm not posting.

so here's the thing: my living room looks like this:

yes, you're seeing one-two-three-four laundry baskets (and one rogue rubbermaid tub) chock-full of laundry.  my dryer also has a load sitting in it, and i have a pail full of diapers to wash.

it's indicative of the state of the rest of my house.  a ring in the tub.  hair in the drains.  meat in the fridge that needs to make its way to the freezer before it rots and/or spontaneously combusts.  a vagrant dresser in the hallway that i forgot was there and rammed my baby into in the dark last night...?  yep, that too.

i may or may not have had multiple meltdowns this past week about 'the neighbor girl's garden would still look better than mine if she poured battery acid on it and called down curses from heaven' and 'so help me if one more girl offers up unhelpful comments on how she could never do what i do.' 

there was a lot of crying at church this weekend over my sinfulness, which may warrant a blog post of its own sometime (as though you can't tell from my less-than-edifying comments that i'm a rotten dirtbag).

this weekend involved one of our children producing a bowel movement that was so huge todd surmised the turd had to have been tickling the kid's throat.

oh and then my friend kristy posted this:

"You know how sometimes you just get completely overwhelmed by life in general and things start to spin out of control and you feel like your brain is melting and you start checking your shoulders to make sure it's not oozing out your ears?  Come on, now. I know it's not just me."

the thing is, it's not just her.  while her overwhelmption (yep) culminated in her directing her husband to pee in the yard, mine is culminating in what i've dubbed 'hooky week.'  (not to be confused with 'hooker week,' which would also might make it onto the blog at some point.)  i'm not going to be posting daily, if at all.  i have no idea what this week will look like, but i'm signing my own 'excused absence' slip and cutting out.  i need time to get caught up on my real life.

so have a good week all.  in the meantime, check out the 'weekly what's up' post that finally made its way onto the blog yesterday.  also, here are a couple of gratuitous photos of the kids and i in our 'jammies' (read: remaining clean clothes) feeding finneas his daily ration of egg yolks.


van voorsts out.

the weekly 'wutup.'

what were we up to this week?

on friday night, the kids attended their first non-van-voorst birthday party, replete with a water balloon slingshot and a cake that (purposely) looked like it had gotten mauled by the hulk.  the kids came home with glo-sticks and the conviction that the birthday song is actually entitled 'the happy caedmon birthday' song.  we sing 'happy birthday dear caaaaaaaaedmon' multiple times a day now.

on saturday, my sister came with us to a local park where we exploited our free labor force:

(more photos from the day to come soon.)

i switched the wallpaper on my phone to a picture of todd. when penelope discovered that, at any given moment, she could have her daddy at her side, she became totally attached to my phone.  she carried it around, gazing at todd's photo and saying, 'my daddy is so cute! he's looking at me.  he's looking at my butterfly.  daddy is my friend.'

while i did have the minor gardening success of picking our first ripe tomato, i was mostly defeated by having to pull yet another blight-plighted tomato plant and having to rip out both of our zucchini plants and six bug-infested pumpkin plants.  our garden is looking like a barren wasteland.  next door, however, they planted their tomato plants from seeds in june, and their plants are looking lush and healthy and are larger than mine.  her peas are STILL producing in the 100+ degree heat, and she has so many green beans, she's letting them die on the bush.  trying desperately not to be jealous, but it's not going well.

on wednesday, i drove home from grocery shopping in a MASSIVE storm.  i had to pull off the interstate twice and sit there while the wind nearly lifted the car off the ground, i got pelted with hail (almost personally, when i accidentally started opening the moonroof instead of turning on the overhead light), and i made my peace with god that i very well could die that night.  luckily i got home safely, bawled and tremored for a while, and moved on with life.

thursday, my good friend, ex-roommate and member of my wedding party lisagrace came over and we chatted until well past 9:30 (when my brain typically shuts off).  i loved it.

i deep-cleaned the living room and ended up rearranging the entire space.  i love the arrangement much better, although i'm still dying for some COLOR.

i finally moved finneas to cloth diapers after watching myself drop seventy-five bucks on the disposables in a single walmart trip.  (granted, they weren't all his, but a lot of them were.)  i'd been holding off to avoid the extra laundry and the bubble-butt that would inevitably make his clothes stop fitting, but seeing all those diapers lined up on the clothesline, each individual one saving me around twenty cents (which adds up quickly), it's worth the sudden curves they've caused him to develop.

so - saving money, killing plants and preparing to meet my maker.  what were you up to?

get ready for your weekly microsoft paint fix from yours truly.

so, on a whim (meaning, at the urging of todd's curiosity), i decided to check out what search keywords were leading people to my little corner of cyberspace (CYBERSPACE!).  this is what turned up:

1.  bibby lee dukes lollipop.  what?  YEARS AND YEARS AGO there were these people called the maccabees todd wrote a blog post (back when this was a family blog and i hadn't hijacked it to write about stuff like the latest scandalous piercings that shock me to my very core) about the movie 'fireproof.'  and he pointed out that there was some ridiculous store in the background named 'bobby lee duke's lollipop shop.'  apparently he was not the only one who noticed.  although he may have been the only one to realize the guy's name was not bibby.  poor bibby lee duke.

2.  GF'ERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'VE FOUND ME!

3. i poop at parties.  i think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

4. labores de carolin this is a search i can get behind.  little house on the SPANISH?!!  my prayers have been answered by a good and loving god.  i bet caroline ingalls is up in heaven right now, quilting her delicate little fingers to the bone, gaily laughing at how her homemade butter dye has united people from many tongues and nations.  (and todd is all, how did that search lead them to your blog?  and after a semi-quick google search on our own to try to figure it out, we still have no idea.)

video vednesday: can't. stop. eating. walnuts.

i feel like if i had a twitter account, i could blow it UP with stupid crap.

we all scream. and also we went to coldstone.

on our summer bucket list (which is pretty short, yet still seems unrealistic - how is that?), i had written that i'd love to take the kids to coldstone.  there's ice cream, they sing when you tip them, we're in the middle of a heat wave and i'd do anything to borrow someone else's air conditioning for half an hour - sounded great.

so last sunday, we went there for 'lunch' after church.  (i am not above feeding my children ice cream for lunch sometimes.  i have three kids in three years; the name of the game is survival and no dishes.)

penelope had oreo filling-flavored ice cream.  (both our kids call oreo's 'daddy cookies' since they're todd's favorite; anytime they have the opportunity to eat anything remotely related to oreo's, they usually take it.)


atticus had cherry vanilla.  for about thirty seconds, before he wolfed it all down and spent the next twenty-nine-point-five minutes alternately crying about wanting more, and trying to mooch ice cream off the rest of us.  once he even tried to trade his bowl for penelope's (the Incredibly Slow Eater) still-half-full bowl.  sneaky, but nothing my eagle eyes couldn't catch.


and again, i probably shouldn't post this in fear of people suspecting i'm an unfit mother, but finneas got his own taste of melted oreo-filling ice cream.  he was not sure what to think: 'it looks like milk but it tastes like heaven.  my allegiances are being tested.'

and yet another maniacal picture of yours truly (someday soon, i should do a 'maniac photo round-up.' it will be fun.  and embarrassingly long.):

oh, did i forget to mention i brought lisagrace along in the carseat that is my heart?  she had an awesome time. 

the lonely non-mormon on my porch.

on friday morning, i was up before the kids, trying to get my blog posted for the day.  i heard a banging sound, which i assumed was the kids messing around in their room, so i ignored it.  then i heard it again, and it turns out it was someone knocking on the front door.

our living room has a HUGE front window, so the guy could totally see me just sitting there, all dissheveled and just-woke-up looking: you know, hair akimbo, no appropriate undergarments, retainer still in.  but he saw me sitting there, so i couldn't just ignore him and go on innocently and bra-lessly with my blog posting.

so i grabbed a blanket to wrap around myself (which we all know is a farce, since it was already pushing 80* out; that guy wasn't fooled), removed my retainer and made my way to the door.  the guy was politely looking away, and i was trying to judge what his business on my porch might be: financial planner? no, his polo has some kind of sports-looking patch on it.  which also rules out mormon, because he's by himself (it's never just a mor-man on your porch, it's always mor-men) and i'm pretty sure mormons don't wear sporty polos (or livestrong bracelets) while proselytizing.  or maybe they do; i've never answered the door to a mormon before so how would i know?

so, i stepped out on the porch, got about three feet from the guy, thought about my weird christmas blanket robe and my crazy hair and the fact that i was still holding my retainer...and was all, 'i can't do this.' so i waited for him to look away...and went back in my house without saying a word while he wasn't looking. 

i think i have the market cornered on how to lose a beauty pageant.

the weekly 'what's up'

most of what happened this week was decorating-related or related to snapping pictures of innocent strangers.  take this photo, for example:

todd took this picture of a van fully loaded with bags and bags and bags of white bread.  we were sitting at a stoplight, and he attempted discretion, but we still looked like people busting out a dslr to photograph someone else's van.  maybe someone else saw us and assumed zach braff was in the van...paparazzi much? 

we were wondering just what she was going to do with all that bread.  what's your guess?

oh, and then there's this:

what, you've never seen a sleeveless collared shirt?  it's the newest thing in business casual, and my husband deserves nothing but the best, which in this case is a 'member's mark' brand shirt with no sleeves and a cropped belly.  (can i just say that i think it's so funny that a) sam's club has its own clothing line, and b) it's still called member's mark, and c) we own dress clothes from sam's club?)   finneas looks super jealous of todd's work-tankini.

anyway, that's a joke.  i actually turned it into a member's mark brand pillow.  with a pocket.  so i can keep my stuff in it while i'm lounging on the couch.  if we had remotes, they'd go in there.  i also made it a pillow buddy, so two of our seven pillows are covered (i still have a long way to go...):

todd trimmed the hedges, which were starting to grow fingers on their unruly arms:

i made curtains for the kids' room.  here's a sneak peek at the fabric:

a while back, i took the front off the piano, just 'cuz, and i can't get enough of it, so i thought i'd share:

and i've also been painting the bathroom, but that's a post in and of itself, so i'll just let you hold your breath until the big reveal. 

and lest you think i have actually been cleaning my house while i've been decorating it, i would like to assure you that my upstairs bathroom is going on a four-week-deep level of scum.  yum-o!

how i creep out even the tingting man.

a few weeks back, the husband of a friend posted something on facebook regarding what everyone used to call the guy who drives the ice cream truck:  the tingting man or the ice cream man or what?  and i was all, those guys are real people? i thought they were some kind of legendary figure, the kind that started out as some guy with a fifties haircut and a skinny tie driving down the road eating an ice cream cone.  and now, fifty years later, that guy has been exaggerated with our nostalgia for all things pleasantville and utopian until we're all like, 'i heard there used to be a guy who would drive a WHOLE TRUCK full of ice cream and all you had to do was stand on the street and he'd give you some and his truck played MUSIC and everything!'

to say i was shocked that an actual ice cream guy ever existed is an understatement.  (and the schwann's guy doesn't count.)  (and also, if i had known this in the nineties when it really would have mattered, i would have called him the ice cream man, not the tingting man.)

i have mentioned before that our town is pretty awesome and kind of pleasantville itself (a tree lighting ceremony where santa goes up in the basket of a utility truck to chuck pingpong balls at wide-eyed children?  that has 'fifties america' written all over it).  but never in a million years did i ever think i'd see this:

now, this isn't a great picture, and i'll tell you why.  first, because when i took the picture we were driving.  second, because as we drove past a curbful of children by the ice cream truck i probably looked like i was photographing the children and not the truck.  and that's never good.  so i did it as quick and matter-of-fact as possible. and third, because we drove by a second time, and we were starting to look like creepers.  so we clicked and dashed and hoped we wouldn't end up in the paper.

THEN.  the ice cream truck (which, i would like to point out, looks like a converted handicapped bus) drove past our house.  i dashed out to get a picture, and that poor ice cream guy thought i was in the market for a cold-something-on-a-stick-or-in-a-cone, so he slowed down.  i took a picture and dashed inside, leaving the tingting man lonelier and a quarter poorer than he would have been if i had been in the mood for a cold-something-on-a-stick-or-in-a-cone.

creepiness PWND.  van voorsts take gold.

who wears short shorts? and no shirt? and needs a tan?

this one time in high school, i was at work, washing dishes, and this co-worker (who was generally predatory anyway) came into the kitchen.  we were the only two in there, and he stood in the doorway and took off his shirt and just stood there all bare-nippled for what felt like about 20 million hours.

so i did what i assume any normal seventeen year old human would do - i looked away, pretended he didn't exist, and turned bright red as i finished washing the dishes.  eventually he must have put his shirt back on and left.  or maybe he's still standing there to this day. i'm not sure.

let me tell you another little story: i go grocery shopping every other thursday night.  apparently, every other thursday night is also on some guy's schedule to go walking around downtown with no shirt, i'm assuming to show off his well-cut but very white pectorals.  once i even saw him walking shirtless while carrying a small child.  now that is dedication to trying to get the chicas to at least whistle at him.

let me tell you yet another little story:  i know a girl who has a guy friend who habitually removes his shirt at the most random times: in public, at his apartment, in large movie-night gatherings at other people's houses.  he just pretends to get hot or something and opens his top button...and just keeps going until he's just skins.

which leads me to my question: do guys think this is more sexy than awkward? it would appear so.  however, i know of no girl who gets all hot and bothered seeing a guy with a mr. cotter haircut and no shirt walking down the street, regardless of how muscular he is.  in fact, if other girls are anything like me, they try to avoid eye contact so as not to risk communicating that they're way into it.  because, in my book, guys who are asking to be ogled a) don't deserve it, b) make me extremely uncomfortable, and c) probably also have some weird skill where they can make their pecs dance, and if somebody looks at them long enough they might be emboldened to try it, and i really don't want that visual burned into my brains.

so.  i guess what i'm saying is that i spend a lot of time on this blog deriding girls who don't keep their orifices and fattiest bits covered up.  but now i think it's time to get on the case of the fellas who find it appropriate to walk around shirtless in public arenas other than the pool. 

also, while we're at it, short shorts on guys do not communicate 'look at my sinewy hamstrings' so much as they scream, 'awkward shirtless guy in shorties at eleven-o-clock.' 

please don't be that guy.  i implore you.

what you're missing out on by not missing out on cable.

we don't have cable, which means our lives have the potential to be really dull, and how we survive without witnessing the latest celebrity shenanigans, i still don't know.  but more to the point, we generally have to come up with our own entertainment.  which is where this blog post comes in.  the kids are starting to get really funny since we burden them with the responsibility of filling the sitcom-shaped hole in our collective heart.

penelope: my baby's name is coffee, and my other baby's name is juice.


atticus: HAHAHA, toots!

paige: did you toot?

atticus: no. i'm just laughing about other toots.


the other day, penelope was walking around carrying what turned out to be an old, rolled up wet diaper.  she came up to me, pretended to dig around in it for something, and asked if i wanted some ‘taco juice.’  and i was all, ‘really, really not.’


paige: i think i have to poop.

todd: good story.  you just said that exact same thing about five minutes ago.

paige: i did?

todd: yeah, you did.  you got the ‘zheimer’s, or do you just like talking about poop that much?

paige: …it’s hard to say.

todd: you say i don’t pay attention to the things you say; apparently you don’t pay attention to the things you say.


atticus: i have two beers!


penelope: want a back rubs?

paige: sure!!

penelope: (after exactly a tenth of a second) okay, i done rubbing your back.  i'm tired.

better than tv, i tell you.

the weekly 'what's up.'

what were we up to this week?

the older two kids were down at my mom's last week, where they got to celebrate the fourth of july by riding trains and carousels and going to a parade.  penelope, instead of gathering candy at the parade, laid on her blanket in the gutter crying, I WANT A NAP! I WANT A NAP!  the heat was apparently pretty oppressive.

i worked on deep-cleaning the house, which really ended up only meaning deep-cleaning the basement, and todd and i spent saturday dropping stuff off at goodwill and consignment - things that are basically impossible to do with the kids in tow, so it was nice.  todd also found four pairs of work pants, including one pair from express and one pair from J.Crew, while out goodwill-ing and consigning.  pretty incredible what people are willing to get rid of for four bucks.

the kids came home sunday, and monday involved great weeping and gnashing of teeth.  my own, i mean.  i had only gotten one-third of the way through my cleaning plans while they weren't even here; i still have a bunch to do and no time to do it in, and my house is all torn up in the meantime.  i struggle with that part of motherhood.

the rest of the week we've just laid low, as i've been trying to get back into the groove of having all three kids during the day. it's amazing how quickly i got used to not having them here during the day.  and it's obviously not a matter of not wanting them around, it's purely a matter of productivity. 

oh, finneas has a new favorite way of sitting in his bouncy seat:

since we didn't really do much that was picture-worthy (not that i'm sure you wouldn't love to ogle pictures of my newly-organized basement storage), i'll leave you with a couple of random pictures of the kids from this week:

finn's wrinkly smile

the kids like lining up the chairs and pretending they're on a train.

wishing you a productive (or relaxing, whichever you prefer) weekend.

thwr: explosive beginnings.

todd: we started dating on november 12.

paige: which means i also had diarrhea on november 12.

and that's how we roll.

video vednesday: i probably wouldn't be so scared if i wasn't SLEEPING IN A BAG.

when they find a body that's been mauled by a bear, how do they know that guy wasn't playing dead?  maybe he was the best at it.

popcorn? more like CRAPcorn. or, something more clever but still snarky.

i mentioned last week that i spent some time recently scraping that weird 'popcorn' effect crap off our bathroom ceiling.

it all began on saturday, when i got a late-night urge to deep-clean the bathroom.  so i was washing the walls and the baseboards and mopping the floors when i was like, it's totally pointless to clean in here since, even while clean, it looks like a tiny box made out of human skin.  with a popcorn ceiling.  and also a toilet in it.  poorly-lit photos of refried beans are more attractive.

so the next day, i found myself quietly reading the paper during naptime while todd was in the basement running on the treadmill.  and before i knew what was happening, i was sanding the baseboards, getting ready to paint.  and then i was standing on a chair with a putty knife in my hand, causing this disaster:

and once about 36 square inches of popcorn was down, i regretted my decision and wished i had just finished the iowa metro section - dear abby is embarrassingly one of the best parts of my sunday and instead of finding out how to politely tell someone they're a bloodsucking leech, i was finding myself with a mouthful of plaster dust and smelling like a field hand. 

and although my bathroom is less a 'full bath' than a 'coffin that you can flush,' it took me the course of THREE DAYS to get that crap off.  seriously, i'm talking eight square feet.  seven heaping dustpans full.  three days.

then, i had to deep-clean the bathroom again.

i may or may not have solemnly sworn to todd that "i WILL find out who invented the popcorn ceiling.  i WILL find out where they live.  and they WILL be sorry they were ever born.'

though the neighboring playroom, as well as our master bedroom, sport the nasty stuff, i will not be undertaking the job of removing it myself.  i will hire/coerce help or install tongue-in-groove planks over the top like what our kitchen and upstairs bath have.

we'll see when the walls and ceiling are painted if it was worth it.  i have the sneaking suspicion that it was, but i'm too grouchy about it right now to concede that possibility - nothing could ever be worth that amount of effort, right?  here's to hoping i'm very wrong.

finn at four months

finneas is officially four months old!

player's stats:

length: 26.5 inches (87 percentile)
weight: 14.4 pounds (27 percentile)
favorite move: the whiskey barrel

oh my word, can i just say this kid is the best baby on the planet?  he eats like a champ, sleeps like a champ, and is apparently thrilled to be alive.

when he's awake, he loves rolling from his back to his tummy, grabbing at toys and his toes, shoving his head against my face so that i'll kiss him, and providing a running commentary on how he feels about life; he coos and grunts and babbles constantly, but it sounds like he mostly has good things to say about how life is going so far.  he's like a cheerier, less emotionally stunted john dorian.

he currently eats five to six times a day, and goes three to four hours in between feedings.  while we're really not following babywise much these days, i do try to keep him in the habit of eating, playing for a while, and THEN sleeping, and i do wake him up so he doesn't go longer than four hours between feedings.  his last feeding is usually between 9:30 and 10:30 sometime, and he pretty consistently sleeps until 8:00 or 8:30 the next morning. 

i love that as soon as i take him into his room, he knows right where we are and he buries his face in my shoulder and starts sucking his two middle fingers before i even lay him down in his bed.  then i lay him down, he rolls to his belly, sucks his fingers and is out like a light.

i'm getting ready to start him on solids, which is more for my own peace of mind than anything else, i think.  i just want to know that he's getting enough to eat, especially after all the trouble i had nursing penelope, and since he's somewhat little as well.  so even though i really am a bigger fan of baby-led weaning and allowing babies to simply eat mashed up normal-people-food as they're ready, i'm hoping to get more calories in him now.  so pretty soon here i'll be starting him on egg yolks, and hopefully that will fatten him up.

my favorite thing about him right now is his funny toothy smile.  i love when he smiles at me and crinkles up his little nose and his funny little teeth hang out.  i also love how insanely ticklish he is, especially by his collarbone and along his ribs.  and i love that his little hair is starting to grow back in, and it's still blondeblondeblonde.

um, what else?  nothing, i think, unless you haven't already figured out that i love this kid from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet to inside his ears.  i am in awe of our amazing, faithful god who heard my prayers and pleadings to be able to bond with finn right away and to not have to deal with postpartum depression again.  i'm so grateful to jesus, and so in love with my kiddo, it's unreal.

the weekly 'what's up.' (or, why i've been boozing for boobs.)

what was up with us this week?

first and foremost, we did NOT take many pictures, so you're going to have to use your imagination more for this post than usual.

i went garage saling with lauren, hoping to find 3T clothing for penelope.  instead, i came home with an orange tree.  such is garage saling.

i DESTROYED our downstairs bathroom with an impromptu decision to rid myself of the popcorn ceiling.  that is a blog post in and of itself.  i recommend you hold your breath waiting for it.

i took the kids down to my mom's for the week, where they got to go for a ride in the neighbor's semi cab.  i was mildly disappointed that i had not taken the camera with me to immortalize the moment, so here is a quickly and poorly rendered sketch to fill the void:

i got to see my friend alisha for the first time in close to three years.  she loves jesus, lives in the south, has twin boys with mohawks, and works for a place that sells estate-sale-y stuff.  jealous much?  i know i am.

i started drinking beer.  and i will pull the 'classy momma' card and say it's for the sake of my child.  i've been noticing my milk supply starting to wane, and something about beer is supposed to help with that.  not going to lie, the results are thankfully both immediate and drastic.  luckily for me, the gluten in it hasn't been messing with me too much unless i am drinking on an empty stomach.  like i said, classy momma.  (last night i drank WHILE nursing.  i would have had todd take a picture of it to prove just how white trashy i've become, but for modesty reasons and not wanting to give DHS hard evidence of why they should take my kids away from me, i refrained.)

i cleaned the basement, which was a two-full-days job.  it involved many spiders.  i wore the same pajamas for nearly over 48 hours straight.  and other than letting you guess how bad i stunk at the end of it, that's all i have to say about that.

i may or may not have eaten nearly an entire pan of gluten-free brownies by myself in a single day.  and if i did, i may or may not have gotten all jittery and paranoid-feeling from the sugar.  and i may or may not have written this blog post (and drawn that crazy semi) while on my brownie high.

how was your week?

i'm writing a blog post!!!!

i go to a lot of garage sales.  as in, A LOT.  it's our primary way of clothing our children and furnishing our house without going broke.  but taking three kids to garage sales, or maximizing my time while todd has the kids, involves planning and research.  enter: craigslist.  some of the funniest parts of my week involve craigslist.  let's have a look-see at last week's ads:

this one reads: just graduated and will be moving away from ---.  looking to sell some stuff, so i have less to move.  i treat my belongings like someone who is a mature adult, so you can expect the items to be high quality.

that right there is some funny, though honest-to-goodness reassuring, content.  if you have to ask why, you probably have the sense of humor of a mature adult.

and then there's this one:

this one makes me laugh until my stomach cramps up.  i went to this one just to meet the girl who was so excited.  she was nice.

anyway.  if you wrote either one of these ads, just know that my blog is a free-for-all when it comes to making fun of stuff, and i posted a picture of myself looking like beaker the muppet, so we're even.  also, i'd really like to be friends.  call me.  or don't, now that you know that i have the sense of humor of an idiot.

video vednesday: no two people are not on fire.

happy fourth of july all! we are celebrating by shopping for pants.

let's get physical. i mean organized.

every time i bring a baby home, it takes me a while to adjust.  i don't deal well with adjustment, and so i do the one thing that naturally makes me feel like i'm in control of my life: i do house projects.  when penelope was three weeks old, i repainted the living room and kitchen. 

also, with each new kid, my whole system has had to change and adapt to having another one in the house.  the things that i used to get by with by just 'winging it' don't fly anymore, and i'm finding i have to be even more intentional in trying to stay on top of everything that has to happen.

SO.  i'm embarking on a new project to help me get control of the chaos that has become my house and my cleaning schedule.  and these two lovely ladies are here to help:

yeah.  i know.  you're jealous of their hair.  but let's stay focused.

basically, they wrote a book about how to implement a system to help spread out projects over days, weeks, months and the year.  totally what i need as a visual person.  i'm more confident that i'll get everything done without getting burned out.  so here's the jist:

(being a visual person, i'm hoping to someday cute-up the box - maybe some spray paint and lacey-bits?  cuter index cards?  dividers that don't look like they were made by someone without hands?)

i have dividers for each day of the week (sun-sat), each day of the month (1-31), and each month (jan-dec). 

then i have a bunch of cards that are color coded by frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally. 

yeah, it seems confusing the way i'm presenting it.  which is why a whole book is required to explain it, and why i didn't write it.  it's a lot more intuitive than it would seem to listen to me tell it.

you just put the cards where you want them, so it basically functions like a running to-do list.  just what a visual person needs to feel like they're accomplishing something without feeling overwhelmed.  i'm only ever looking at today's items.

you can also see above that i time a lot of my jobs; it's easier to get yourself motivated to do something when you know it only takes three minutes or whatever.  you can even be lame - i mean AWESOME - like me and challenge yourself to a race against your previous record.  yes, i realize i'm not lolo jones, this is not the olympics, and who really cares?  but as mary poppins says, in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  and i don't dare contradict mary poppins, so i just do what i'm told and race myself like there's no tomorrow.

also, i keep other lists in here so i can just quickly write stuff down as i'm going about my day.  and i'm only posting the above picture because i know that i can trust todd and that atticus doesn't follow my blog.

and to wrap this boring post up, here is an unnecessarily black and white shot of my weekly routine (left) and menu guide (right).  oh yeah.  you knew you stuck around this long for a reason.

so.  i'm hoping this is going to help me stay on top of stuff a little better than i have been lately.  i'm giving myself the month of july to establish the habit, and seeing where it goes from there.

and be looking forward to some more organizational posts soon:  i'm way more crazy than even this post can contain.  i have an entire binder, an entire cupboard, an entire drawer FULL of crazy.  just you wait and see.  GOODY!!!

happy monday!

hey all!  baby todd here, just dropping in to say hi and creepily not make eye contact.  that's all.  hope that gets your week off to a great start.

baby todd OUT.