get ready for your weekly microsoft paint fix from yours truly.

so, on a whim (meaning, at the urging of todd's curiosity), i decided to check out what search keywords were leading people to my little corner of cyberspace (CYBERSPACE!).  this is what turned up:

1.  bibby lee dukes lollipop.  what?  YEARS AND YEARS AGO there were these people called the maccabees todd wrote a blog post (back when this was a family blog and i hadn't hijacked it to write about stuff like the latest scandalous piercings that shock me to my very core) about the movie 'fireproof.'  and he pointed out that there was some ridiculous store in the background named 'bobby lee duke's lollipop shop.'  apparently he was not the only one who noticed.  although he may have been the only one to realize the guy's name was not bibby.  poor bibby lee duke.

2.  GF'ERS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY'VE FOUND ME!

3. i poop at parties.  i think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

4. labores de carolin this is a search i can get behind.  little house on the SPANISH?!!  my prayers have been answered by a good and loving god.  i bet caroline ingalls is up in heaven right now, quilting her delicate little fingers to the bone, gaily laughing at how her homemade butter dye has united people from many tongues and nations.  (and todd is all, how did that search lead them to your blog?  and after a semi-quick google search on our own to try to figure it out, we still have no idea.)


todd said...

Bibby Lee Duke's GF'n, poopin' at parties, homespun lollipop cabin in the woods.

That is what I always type when I can't remember the exact URL and Google leads me safely home to your bloggity, tangled corner of the interweb.

YAYA said...

Interesting... when I cut and paste the like from Todd's comments (Bibby Lee Duke's GF'n, poopin' at parties, homespun lollipop) into a Google search, 3 results are returned...

1) the minivan voorsts.: get ready for your weekly microsoft paint fix...

2) Democratic Party | Facebook

3) Frequently asked Questions | National Black Republican Association

I am even more confused now.

todd said...

Paige appeals to all demographics by being an equal opportunity offender.