the weekly 'what's up.' (or, why i've been boozing for boobs.)

what was up with us this week?

first and foremost, we did NOT take many pictures, so you're going to have to use your imagination more for this post than usual.

i went garage saling with lauren, hoping to find 3T clothing for penelope.  instead, i came home with an orange tree.  such is garage saling.

i DESTROYED our downstairs bathroom with an impromptu decision to rid myself of the popcorn ceiling.  that is a blog post in and of itself.  i recommend you hold your breath waiting for it.

i took the kids down to my mom's for the week, where they got to go for a ride in the neighbor's semi cab.  i was mildly disappointed that i had not taken the camera with me to immortalize the moment, so here is a quickly and poorly rendered sketch to fill the void:

i got to see my friend alisha for the first time in close to three years.  she loves jesus, lives in the south, has twin boys with mohawks, and works for a place that sells estate-sale-y stuff.  jealous much?  i know i am.

i started drinking beer.  and i will pull the 'classy momma' card and say it's for the sake of my child.  i've been noticing my milk supply starting to wane, and something about beer is supposed to help with that.  not going to lie, the results are thankfully both immediate and drastic.  luckily for me, the gluten in it hasn't been messing with me too much unless i am drinking on an empty stomach.  like i said, classy momma.  (last night i drank WHILE nursing.  i would have had todd take a picture of it to prove just how white trashy i've become, but for modesty reasons and not wanting to give DHS hard evidence of why they should take my kids away from me, i refrained.)

i cleaned the basement, which was a two-full-days job.  it involved many spiders.  i wore the same pajamas for nearly over 48 hours straight.  and other than letting you guess how bad i stunk at the end of it, that's all i have to say about that.

i may or may not have eaten nearly an entire pan of gluten-free brownies by myself in a single day.  and if i did, i may or may not have gotten all jittery and paranoid-feeling from the sugar.  and i may or may not have written this blog post (and drawn that crazy semi) while on my brownie high.

how was your week?


whenjeskasparks said...

you are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any supply started to go before the biting started with Ella and I started my boozing habit. It did help slightly. No judgment from me:-)

(And we totally went out to eat and I breast fed Ella and then ordered a beer. I didn't even think twice about it.)