i'm posting to say i'm not posting.

so here's the thing: my living room looks like this:

yes, you're seeing one-two-three-four laundry baskets (and one rogue rubbermaid tub) chock-full of laundry.  my dryer also has a load sitting in it, and i have a pail full of diapers to wash.

it's indicative of the state of the rest of my house.  a ring in the tub.  hair in the drains.  meat in the fridge that needs to make its way to the freezer before it rots and/or spontaneously combusts.  a vagrant dresser in the hallway that i forgot was there and rammed my baby into in the dark last night...?  yep, that too.

i may or may not have had multiple meltdowns this past week about 'the neighbor girl's garden would still look better than mine if she poured battery acid on it and called down curses from heaven' and 'so help me if one more girl offers up unhelpful comments on how she could never do what i do.' 

there was a lot of crying at church this weekend over my sinfulness, which may warrant a blog post of its own sometime (as though you can't tell from my less-than-edifying comments that i'm a rotten dirtbag).

this weekend involved one of our children producing a bowel movement that was so huge todd surmised the turd had to have been tickling the kid's throat.

oh and then my friend kristy posted this:

"You know how sometimes you just get completely overwhelmed by life in general and things start to spin out of control and you feel like your brain is melting and you start checking your shoulders to make sure it's not oozing out your ears?  Come on, now. I know it's not just me."

the thing is, it's not just her.  while her overwhelmption (yep) culminated in her directing her husband to pee in the yard, mine is culminating in what i've dubbed 'hooky week.'  (not to be confused with 'hooker week,' which would also might make it onto the blog at some point.)  i'm not going to be posting daily, if at all.  i have no idea what this week will look like, but i'm signing my own 'excused absence' slip and cutting out.  i need time to get caught up on my real life.

so have a good week all.  in the meantime, check out the 'weekly what's up' post that finally made its way onto the blog yesterday.  also, here are a couple of gratuitous photos of the kids and i in our 'jammies' (read: remaining clean clothes) feeding finneas his daily ration of egg yolks.


van voorsts out.


whenjeskasparks said...

i'm so thankful for posts like this. from my end (as it tends to be in blogland) everything is so lovely and shiny in your family life. whereas this morning i have let tevah just watch DVDs because i am OHMYGOSHSOTIRED and because elithea has been so fussy all morning and refuses to nap but refuses to be happy at ALL today and i haven't done laundry yet and i still have yet to eat breakfast even though it's lunch.

i feel like i'm losing my mind. but if a great mom like you can have these kinds of days, then it gives me hope for the days to come.

thank you for always being an inspiration on honesty and true life and show me all sides of the coin. i love you for that.

Lisagrace Alsbury said...

paige, the next moment your head is about to explode from being overwhelmed, here's what you should do:

walk out your back door.
look at that beautiful bald spot on your driveway (ignoring the fact that the weeds have indeed already started to grow back)
sit down on the bald spot
have a good cry (optional)

after that, i suppose you should get back to it. :)

todd said...

I love that you are taking a break, but I am so bummed that I have to wait until next week to get any new dish!

todd said...

I am glad we talk so often or I would have no idea what was going on in our family with you on hiatus this week.


todd said...

I look forward to your triumphant re-entry into the blog-o-sphere