the weekly 'what's up.'

what were we up to this week?

the older two kids were down at my mom's last week, where they got to celebrate the fourth of july by riding trains and carousels and going to a parade.  penelope, instead of gathering candy at the parade, laid on her blanket in the gutter crying, I WANT A NAP! I WANT A NAP!  the heat was apparently pretty oppressive.

i worked on deep-cleaning the house, which really ended up only meaning deep-cleaning the basement, and todd and i spent saturday dropping stuff off at goodwill and consignment - things that are basically impossible to do with the kids in tow, so it was nice.  todd also found four pairs of work pants, including one pair from express and one pair from J.Crew, while out goodwill-ing and consigning.  pretty incredible what people are willing to get rid of for four bucks.

the kids came home sunday, and monday involved great weeping and gnashing of teeth.  my own, i mean.  i had only gotten one-third of the way through my cleaning plans while they weren't even here; i still have a bunch to do and no time to do it in, and my house is all torn up in the meantime.  i struggle with that part of motherhood.

the rest of the week we've just laid low, as i've been trying to get back into the groove of having all three kids during the day. it's amazing how quickly i got used to not having them here during the day.  and it's obviously not a matter of not wanting them around, it's purely a matter of productivity. 

oh, finneas has a new favorite way of sitting in his bouncy seat:

since we didn't really do much that was picture-worthy (not that i'm sure you wouldn't love to ogle pictures of my newly-organized basement storage), i'll leave you with a couple of random pictures of the kids from this week:

finn's wrinkly smile

the kids like lining up the chairs and pretending they're on a train.

wishing you a productive (or relaxing, whichever you prefer) weekend.


whenjeskasparks said...

aw man. cutest smile ever :) i hear you on the productivity thing with children and they're not even my kids! haha. sometimes when i'm nannying i just think of how easy it would be to pop in a movie or something so i can get something done... which, honestly, does happen a lot. but i want to engage and appreciate them like you do yours. and all messes aside, you still have one of the best houses ever.

YAYA said...

Hey! I LOVE the new "border" pics! Nice to see Finn out of the womb!

lauren said...

fun pictures!