let's get physical. i mean organized.

every time i bring a baby home, it takes me a while to adjust.  i don't deal well with adjustment, and so i do the one thing that naturally makes me feel like i'm in control of my life: i do house projects.  when penelope was three weeks old, i repainted the living room and kitchen. 

also, with each new kid, my whole system has had to change and adapt to having another one in the house.  the things that i used to get by with by just 'winging it' don't fly anymore, and i'm finding i have to be even more intentional in trying to stay on top of everything that has to happen.

SO.  i'm embarking on a new project to help me get control of the chaos that has become my house and my cleaning schedule.  and these two lovely ladies are here to help:

yeah.  i know.  you're jealous of their hair.  but let's stay focused.

basically, they wrote a book about how to implement a system to help spread out projects over days, weeks, months and the year.  totally what i need as a visual person.  i'm more confident that i'll get everything done without getting burned out.  so here's the jist:

(being a visual person, i'm hoping to someday cute-up the box - maybe some spray paint and lacey-bits?  cuter index cards?  dividers that don't look like they were made by someone without hands?)

i have dividers for each day of the week (sun-sat), each day of the month (1-31), and each month (jan-dec). 

then i have a bunch of cards that are color coded by frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally. 

yeah, it seems confusing the way i'm presenting it.  which is why a whole book is required to explain it, and why i didn't write it.  it's a lot more intuitive than it would seem to listen to me tell it.

you just put the cards where you want them, so it basically functions like a running to-do list.  just what a visual person needs to feel like they're accomplishing something without feeling overwhelmed.  i'm only ever looking at today's items.

you can also see above that i time a lot of my jobs; it's easier to get yourself motivated to do something when you know it only takes three minutes or whatever.  you can even be lame - i mean AWESOME - like me and challenge yourself to a race against your previous record.  yes, i realize i'm not lolo jones, this is not the olympics, and who really cares?  but as mary poppins says, in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  and i don't dare contradict mary poppins, so i just do what i'm told and race myself like there's no tomorrow.

also, i keep other lists in here so i can just quickly write stuff down as i'm going about my day.  and i'm only posting the above picture because i know that i can trust todd and that atticus doesn't follow my blog.

and to wrap this boring post up, here is an unnecessarily black and white shot of my weekly routine (left) and menu guide (right).  oh yeah.  you knew you stuck around this long for a reason.

so.  i'm hoping this is going to help me stay on top of stuff a little better than i have been lately.  i'm giving myself the month of july to establish the habit, and seeing where it goes from there.

and be looking forward to some more organizational posts soon:  i'm way more crazy than even this post can contain.  i have an entire binder, an entire cupboard, an entire drawer FULL of crazy.  just you wait and see.  GOODY!!!


todd said...

I love me some "favorite w/ leftovers"


My favorite :)


Thank you for all of the hard work you put into doing your job well. Everyone must work and is called to something, but not everyone seeks to do what they are called to do well.

In that, I am very blessed to have you as my wife.

But even when you don't get these things done, I love you. I love you, not what you do. I like what you do. I love that you are moved by the Spirit to do them in honor and worship to Christ. I love you.

whenjeskasparks said...

PLEASE BE MY YODA AND TRAIN ME IN THIS. (but i don't think i can give you a piggy back ride through the organizing swamps.)

Lissa said...

I am embarrassed to write this years later and I so hope this is not creepy - I think I already mentioned nursing and trying to avoid Facebook?? But this post, which is inspiring in itself, is like a method for Bible memory that we are going to implement this school year. It is essentially the same strategy of index cards that are labeled with "current", "odd" and "even", referring to dates of the month, and some other labels I can't remember right now. :-) You should update at some point and let us know whether you are still using this system!