we all scream. and also we went to coldstone.

on our summer bucket list (which is pretty short, yet still seems unrealistic - how is that?), i had written that i'd love to take the kids to coldstone.  there's ice cream, they sing when you tip them, we're in the middle of a heat wave and i'd do anything to borrow someone else's air conditioning for half an hour - sounded great.

so last sunday, we went there for 'lunch' after church.  (i am not above feeding my children ice cream for lunch sometimes.  i have three kids in three years; the name of the game is survival and no dishes.)

penelope had oreo filling-flavored ice cream.  (both our kids call oreo's 'daddy cookies' since they're todd's favorite; anytime they have the opportunity to eat anything remotely related to oreo's, they usually take it.)


atticus had cherry vanilla.  for about thirty seconds, before he wolfed it all down and spent the next twenty-nine-point-five minutes alternately crying about wanting more, and trying to mooch ice cream off the rest of us.  once he even tried to trade his bowl for penelope's (the Incredibly Slow Eater) still-half-full bowl.  sneaky, but nothing my eagle eyes couldn't catch.


and again, i probably shouldn't post this in fear of people suspecting i'm an unfit mother, but finneas got his own taste of melted oreo-filling ice cream.  he was not sure what to think: 'it looks like milk but it tastes like heaven.  my allegiances are being tested.'

and yet another maniacal picture of yours truly (someday soon, i should do a 'maniac photo round-up.' it will be fun.  and embarrassingly long.):

oh, did i forget to mention i brought lisagrace along in the carseat that is my heart?  she had an awesome time. 

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todd said...

The title of the post alone is worth the price of admission.