popcorn? more like CRAPcorn. or, something more clever but still snarky.

i mentioned last week that i spent some time recently scraping that weird 'popcorn' effect crap off our bathroom ceiling.

it all began on saturday, when i got a late-night urge to deep-clean the bathroom.  so i was washing the walls and the baseboards and mopping the floors when i was like, it's totally pointless to clean in here since, even while clean, it looks like a tiny box made out of human skin.  with a popcorn ceiling.  and also a toilet in it.  poorly-lit photos of refried beans are more attractive.

so the next day, i found myself quietly reading the paper during naptime while todd was in the basement running on the treadmill.  and before i knew what was happening, i was sanding the baseboards, getting ready to paint.  and then i was standing on a chair with a putty knife in my hand, causing this disaster:

and once about 36 square inches of popcorn was down, i regretted my decision and wished i had just finished the iowa metro section - dear abby is embarrassingly one of the best parts of my sunday and instead of finding out how to politely tell someone they're a bloodsucking leech, i was finding myself with a mouthful of plaster dust and smelling like a field hand. 

and although my bathroom is less a 'full bath' than a 'coffin that you can flush,' it took me the course of THREE DAYS to get that crap off.  seriously, i'm talking eight square feet.  seven heaping dustpans full.  three days.

then, i had to deep-clean the bathroom again.

i may or may not have solemnly sworn to todd that "i WILL find out who invented the popcorn ceiling.  i WILL find out where they live.  and they WILL be sorry they were ever born.'

though the neighboring playroom, as well as our master bedroom, sport the nasty stuff, i will not be undertaking the job of removing it myself.  i will hire/coerce help or install tongue-in-groove planks over the top like what our kitchen and upstairs bath have.

we'll see when the walls and ceiling are painted if it was worth it.  i have the sneaking suspicion that it was, but i'm too grouchy about it right now to concede that possibility - nothing could ever be worth that amount of effort, right?  here's to hoping i'm very wrong.

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todd said...

"a coffin that you can flush" was one of the features the realtor (trademark) put on the flyer that I originally questionned as a "selling point."