week 23

this weekend, we spent many many....many many many hours registering for baby whatsits and we've finally got our registry done!

for the most part, it was pretty fun. we spent about 2.5 hours in target on saturday night, getting as much checked off the list as we could. (seriously, the baby caps and baby mittens were the cutest things i've ever seen in my life.)

then on sunday, we spent about three hours in babies r us, which ended up being kind of discouraging. by an hour and a half into it, all we had on our registry was a nursing stool and two packs of medela membranes. i started to cry in the crib section because we couldn't find anything we liked/agreed upon that was under $400. further, we couldn't really settle on a crib color until we figured out what bedding we wanted, but we couldn't find any we were in love with (well, that we BOTH were in love with at the same time). we couldn't find a pack n play we liked, because the ones with patterns that we liked were HUGE and really expensive ($180 for a playpen?!), and the smaller, less expensive ones were ugly. not only that, but we wanted a pack n play/highchair/swing set that all matched...oh, it was kind of an ugly trip. i had to take 3 or 4 "sit" breaks in the rocking chair section. too bad we weren't looking for rocking chairs.

after all of that and three hours spent in the store, we still didn't have a crib or a bedding set picked out. so we left and walked around pier 1 for a while, then we went to texas roadhouse. i was feeling MUCH better once our food arrived!

after we got home, we spent another 2 hours online looking at cribs and bedding, and we FINALLY decided!

the first picture is of the crib we picked out (while i'm loving the pink ballerina teddy bear, we decided to go for something a little less elton john for our little guy), and the second picture is of the bedding.

we got a few other things registered for online sunday night, then we went BACK to target yesterday and spent about an hour registering for the last little things on our list that we could. the rest we went online for - again -and finished up. so, after about 6 hours in the store, about 3.5 hours online, a meltdown, and a really good steak, we're finally finished.

i think we were both surprised at how long the whole process was. our wedding registry took a total of 7 hours and no trips online.

so, there's the beginning of week 23...whew.

ragbrai ragbites.

so, i came awfully close to hitting about 4 ragbraiers yesterday on my way to tara's. 3 were unintentional.  however, one of them gave me a funny look, and was lucky he got away before the light turned red. i hope he got a debilitating butt cramp.

oh, bicyclists. ride on the freaking sidewalk and obey traffic laws.

why is it that this one week every year we celebrate people who spend their week sleeping in tents, drinking beer, and migrating from town to town on their bicycles? the other 51 weeks, we'd call them vagrants or carnies and call animal control or something. but this week, when they all team up and swarm around, it's reason to celebrate and let them sleep in our yards.

i still regret not hitting that one guy with my car.

i'll love you till the wolves come home.

todd and i both had really vivid dreams last night. todd's involved waiting for a friend to push her car to the gas station where he was waiting, and then seeing a squirrel. not just any squirrel; a squirrel with wings that it was using to fly around. suddenly, its wings and tail fell off and it landed on todd's back. he desperately wanted to pet it, but he didnt' want it to bite him. he also had a feeling that if he turned around to look at it, it would peck his eyes out. with its squirrel beak. so he reached around and pinched its beak closed with his fingers so it couldn't peck him, and he began to pet it and tell it, "i'll love you till the wolves come home," which in his heart he knew meant, "i love you so much that i would turn around to pet you even if i knew you would peck my eyes out." awww.

i, on the other hand, had a dream that i auditioned for a dance company owned by dustin hoffman and kirstie alley. i auditioned, and then a stately black butler handed me a plate with a piece of apple pie on it. i was expected to dig through the pie with my hands to find a slip of paper that told me whether i was hired or not. i found a bit of the piece of paper, but not the whole thing, and i started freaking out because i thought kirstie alley had eaten the rest of the paper, and i would therefore never know whether i was hired or not. dustin hoffman was very reassuring, though, and told me that i had, in fact, been hired, but i needed to be less "ballet" and more "victim." all in all, a creepier dream than what i just conveyed. it was raining.

in much happier and more real-life news, we had our ultrasound today!!! our little bugger sure is cute...and MALE! we're having a baby boy! he was awake during it, and he would scratch his eye and yawn and move around. the ultrasound technician said that he REALLY liked to suck his thumb, because no matter how he moved, his hands would always end up right back in his mouth. it was so cool to see our little guy moving and hiccupping and yawning, like a real little person. i mean, i know he's been a real person, but to see was indescribable. it was so cool.

i bawled like a baby. it was just so weird to see the little guy for the first time, even though i've spent the last 5 months thinking about him all the time...and todd was there and we were both so excited...probably one of the best times of my life, in all reality.

so. weird transition.

another exciting thing that has happened recently is that we've obtained a car seat AND a second base...for free! god has been awesome at providing us with all kinds of really neat surprises through generous friends. jared and allison gave us a car seat that allison's co-worker had given them. it's in great condition, and was only made in 2007; practically brand new. so i was thinking that i would only have to register for a second base so we could easily transport the kid in both cars. so, i was telling jamie and marnie how excited i was that i would only have to register for a base, and marnie offered to give me a base from one of her old car seats! how sweet is that?!

also, jamie has been awesome and found us a free bouncer-thinger, and has given me a bunch of breast feeding stuff, like milk storage bags, nursing pads, and a handy how-to pocket guide, which is funny. and gross. but nonetheless very appreciated and i'm sure will come in very handy.

god has been so good to us. he has blessed us with such an awesome marriage, and now a kid, and really generous and supportive friends and family...seriously, couldn't be happier. well, maybe a little happier...if only my belly button wasn't starting to show through my clothes...gross.

exciting times.

stuff going on in life:

1. i'm almost finished reading my first vaccine book!! (it's about time.)
2. i can feel the kid move pretty much every day now. last night i could actually feel it on the outside of my belly with my hand...weird.
3. a random stranger asked if i was pregnant (which is actually pretty exciting when you actually are pregnant and not just fat or tired.)
4. the guest room is totally re-arranged, thanks to the help of my awesome husband. we now have a place for the baby stuff...that we don't have yet! so, yay, big emptyish room! (the other side of the room is all cluttered with crap we don't know what to do with yet, but that'll be fixed soon. don't judge our clutter.)

5. i made 55 bucks at my first garage sale. can't complain!
6. i have washed and folded all the tiny baby clothes we have so far. i want to do it again.
7. todd let me buy this ADORABLE onesie that says "i love my mommy." it makes me cry.
8. i keep thinking this speck of dust on the wall is a spider out of the corner of my eye, but i'm too lazy to wipe it off.
9. i actually did have a spider in my bathtub yesterday morning, so i chased it around the tub with handfuls of water until it finally curled up into a ball and one of its legs fell off. for as scary as spiders are, they're not very resilient.
10. our ultrasound is in less than two weeks and i'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!
11. after we find out the gender of the kid (pray it'll be spread-eagle in the ultrasound) we're going to go register. again, so excited!!!
12. i'm eating more and i think i've gained a little weight, which is really good. we'll find out in a couple weeks.

that's it for now!

the weekly meltdown.

hello all. and happy july 2nd.

so...yesterday i was pretty much in tears because i have all kinds of baby crap and no actual baby stuff...does that make sense? i have powder and wipes and no changing table; i have little clothes and no dresser; i have a blanket and no crib; i have a car seat headrest and no car seat; i have all kinds of baby crap and no baby. not that we're ready for the baby right i said, no crib or car seat. it's just hard to look around the room that is supposed to be for the kid, and see piles of junk everywhere. where will the baby sleep? oh, in that hamper of garage sale clothes. or on the guest bed. if it rolls off, no big deal; it'll land in a box of blankets. better yet, why not just let it sleep in the box of blankets? i feel like the worst mother in the whole world. (well, maybe not the worst, but i'm just one drug addiction away from being the worst mother in the whole world.)

to further the feeling, i've realized how truly grossed out i am by the thought of breastfeeding. not the thought of other people breastfeeding their kids, or my baby... "breasteating" (gross...nix that term), but of actually having to deal with boobs. that juice. that you have to pump. seriously, getting queasy just thinking about it. what's more, how come breast pumps don't come with instructions?! what's even more, how come babies don't come with instructions?! why are there entire books and entire classes and "lactation specialists" and nipple shields and all kinds of things that are supposed to help you breastfeed? call me crazy, but shouldn't it be instinctual? or, if not, at least easy enough to figure out on your own? what the crap did people do before babywise?

todd has been very reassuring through my latest meltdowns. at the time, i get frustrated that he doesn't get what a big deal some of these things are to me, but then i stop to think that if he got worked up over the same stupid things i get worked up over, we wouldn't do anything but sit around and cry all day. thrilling.

whew. that felt good to get it all out. however, i just realized that i've been blogging for the last 15 minutes and not picking up the baby's room like i came in here to wonder nothing's done.

on the exciting side of life, i made refried beans from scratch yesterday. from real beans. not even lying. maybe i really can do the mom thing...after all, i can cook beans. babies can't be that much different.