exciting times.

stuff going on in life:

1. i'm almost finished reading my first vaccine book!! (it's about time.)
2. i can feel the kid move pretty much every day now. last night i could actually feel it on the outside of my belly with my hand...weird.
3. a random stranger asked if i was pregnant (which is actually pretty exciting when you actually are pregnant and not just fat or tired.)
4. the guest room is totally re-arranged, thanks to the help of my awesome husband. we now have a place for the baby stuff...that we don't have yet! so, yay, big emptyish room! (the other side of the room is all cluttered with crap we don't know what to do with yet, but that'll be fixed soon. don't judge our clutter.)

5. i made 55 bucks at my first garage sale. can't complain!
6. i have washed and folded all the tiny baby clothes we have so far. i want to do it again.
7. todd let me buy this ADORABLE onesie that says "i love my mommy." it makes me cry.
8. i keep thinking this speck of dust on the wall is a spider out of the corner of my eye, but i'm too lazy to wipe it off.
9. i actually did have a spider in my bathtub yesterday morning, so i chased it around the tub with handfuls of water until it finally curled up into a ball and one of its legs fell off. for as scary as spiders are, they're not very resilient.
10. our ultrasound is in less than two weeks and i'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!
11. after we find out the gender of the kid (pray it'll be spread-eagle in the ultrasound) we're going to go register. again, so excited!!!
12. i'm eating more and i think i've gained a little weight, which is really good. we'll find out in a couple weeks.

that's it for now!

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allison said...

I am so excited for you Paige! Isn't it great and a little odd to be able to feel the little bugger move around:) I can't wait to see you to catch up and hear in more detail the progress of the pregnancy!