trick or treat.

so, not to brag or anything, but i think my kid clearly won halloween.  i hear some of you out there saying, 'but halloween isn't a contest.'   that's just what contest losers say.

but, i suppose i still need to butter you up to come around to agreeing with me, because there actually is a costume contest...and since i live vicariously through my children, i desperately need the validation that comes along with winning this.

now, i realize he looks a tad uncomfortable here, but he's out of his element (you know, the garden).  but seriously, what other two-year-old do you know that can rock a beard like that?!

if you're still not's a bribe: vote for my kid and he'll get you really cheap rates on airfare and hotel stays.

GO VOTE!!!!/photo.php?fbid=449379830722&set=a.449374230722.240742.54716040722&pid=5991101&id=54716040722

thwr: our very own war on terror

todd: if killing nazis is wrong, i don't want to be right.

and that's how we roll.

a note from the wife

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear, sweet, wonderful husband.  who is an excellent provider and daddy to our kids.  and who runs an incredible 35+ miles a week, even while battling what is probably pneumonia.  who indulges my little-house-on-the-prairie, whole-food whims.  who wrestles fear to the ground like a demon cobra.  who would make an excellent president of the united states and, probably, king.  who could be friends with chuck norris...if he wanted to.

from the very first birthday todd had while we were dating (actually, i guess it was technically before we were dating), we've carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds to celebrate.  this year was no exception.

todd: guess what mine is: first, it’s the face of a….

paige: a jack ‘o lantern. a scarecrow. a baby.

todd: no, more general than that.

paige: a guy.

todd: okay, so the face of a man…then, the face of an…

paige: EAGLE!

todd: then the face of a…

paige: …dog?

todd: an ox. And last, the face of a…

paige: dinosaur?

todd: LION!

so, there you have it folks. the pumpkin that ezekiel saw in his visions: a pumpkin with the face of a man, the face of an eagle, the face of a dog, and the face of a dinosaur.

(i carved the monopoly guy.)

paige: you’re always so creative in coming up with ideas for pumpkin carvings!

todd: I only did this because I couldn’t think of how to do octomom.

a note from the neighbor

dear Woman Who Walks Her Cat on a Leash:  you are a classy lady.  with a classy cat.  i bet you feed it fancy feast.  out of a crystal goblet.  off your own fork.

dear DJ Second-Floor: i'm loving the 'country' atmosphere you bring to our urban space.  i never really liked country music a ton before, but i think the problem was i wasn't listening to it turned up loudly enough.  i bet your downstairs neighbors love you.  i bet you drink hillbilly holler.  lots of hillbilly holler.

dear Guy and Friends Who Pee Behind the Dumpster:  while i do love wondering whether i'm walking in your urine as i'm throwing away my trash, and the occasional eye contact we make when we both have business to take care of at the dumpsters at the same time, i'm thinking your services might be more appreciated elsewhere. like behind the garages along the public walking trail where they might need some weed management.  or i hear your toilet is getting mighty lonely.  i know your apartment seems far away when you've imbibed more than you can hold while standing in the parking lot in the middle of the afternoon, and i get it; i do.  i'm just suggesting the possibility of maybe not whipping it out around women and children.  something to noodle on.


Woman With Screaming Babies and a Car Alarm That Won't Quit

thwr: elements of a great marriage

paige: so, i read today that getting enough phosphorous in your diet is important because it allows your saliva to create a protective....

todd: forcefield.

paige: (silence)

todd: keep telling your story.

paige: are you totally bored?

todd: no! you're talking about phosphorous, how could i be bored?! phosporous is my favorite element! it's the 'ph' on the elemental table.  it puts the 'ph' in 'phat.'

and that's how we roll.

(author's note: does anyone else remember that 'phat' stands for 'pretty hot and tempting'? slang makes people seem smart.)

thwr: pipe dreams

paige: someday we should implement operation fiscal jackhammer, become financially independent, you could quit your job, and then you could paint my toenails all day while i sip margaritas and let the kids play unsupervised near open water.

and that's how we roll.

hey there rubbernecker.

what's up lookey-loo?  like what you see?  then let me know you've been reading!  nobody likes a peeping tom.

september, part 2

penelope has been growing well since the alarm at her four-month appointment.  as of last tuesday, she weighs 12 pounds, which is around the 5th percentile i think.  she is still in 0-3 mo clothes, although she's getting too long for the onesies finally (while she's just now growing into the pants - they've been huge on her!)

while we got the okay from doctors to lay her on her tummy to sleep now (we used to lay her on her side), she has decided she prefers to sleep on her back.  also, she laughed for the first time recently.  she turned 5 months on september 29.

she's not much of a talker, but she smiles ALL THE TIME.  she has laughed a few times even! she loves to fold her little hands across her chest, and really likes to hold and look at small objects like atticus' blocks, etc.  she still loves tummy time and has long since figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back when she gets tired.  while she's done it a few times, she still hasn't quite figured out how to go from her back to her tummy (intentionally, anyway).

atticus' vocabulary is EXPLODING.  he can mimic many words (although they're not entirely clear), and he frequently tries to communicate that he's pretending (he'll put on a cowboy hat and call himself 'grandpa'...or put things in bowls and say that he's cooking noodles, eggs, cheese or bread - can you tell what his favorite foods are?).  he still loves dancing, is beginning to be able to match 2-3 tones at a time if todd sings them first and then atticus repeats, and likes to request "bo." (music.) 

he calls the fan "beese" for some reason, and we're trying to get him to call jesus "Cheeses" instead of "Teetee."  maybe that's confusing to call the lord 'cheese;' i dont know. 

he calls penelope "puhpeh" and is still super affectionate with her.  we're casually starting some introductory potty training, and he'll frequently ask to sit on the potty (but mostly just after he has already pooped).

his favorite toys are any that come from the kitchen: bowls, spoons, water, oven mits, flour, cups, etc.; as well as his legos.  he turned 21 months on september 5.

(paige) i have been reading, reading, reading about nutrition and real foods, and trying to implement what i've learned into our diet and kitchen routine.  what i'm currently reading: nutrition and physical degeneration by weston a. price...EYE OPENING.  seriously one of the most impactful things i've read on nutrition - he spent years studying various primitive and modernized cultures around the world and comparing their diets and health.  he discovered many similarities in the traditional diets of the world's healthiest people, as well as certain degeneration and deformities when these same people began adopting more modernized, refined diets.  HIGHLY recommended for anyone interested in nutrition - although it is somewhat long (500 pages), it's a quick read.  there are whole cookbooks based on his findings (nourishing traditions, which i also started reading but had to give back to the library because some idiot requested it.  stupid real-foodie.) or check out the weston a. price foundation.

i also joined a bible study called 'seeking him' by nancy leigh demoss and i'm LOVING. IT.  it's about spiritual revival - a topic i desperately need to learn about, with women i can't get enough of!  thursday has quickly become one of my favorite days of the week.

todd has enjoyed the advent of football season and is still cooking dinner once a week for the family.

what we've been reading:
..nutrition and physical degeneration by weston a. price
..nourishing traditions by sally fallon
..on the banks of plum creek by laura ingalls wilder
..on the shores of silver lake by laura ingalls wilder
..practicing hospitality by pat ennis and lisa tatlock
..don't waste your life by john piper

september, part 1

we started september by heading down to mp to visit my parents over labor day weekend...well, i lie.  it was really just to check out the amish store and the old threshers reunion, and seeing my parents was a nice plus.  no offense mom, but old threshers only comes but once a year and i can see you any time i want.  i love you...

atticus LOVED old threshers (even though it was kind of cold).  he got to look at all the antique tractors, ride an antique train and some old trolleys, see and pet some 4-H animals, and (best of all) gorge himself on kettle corn at the historical log village reenactment. 

lisagrace and bryan and lauren also joined us for some of the festivities... i am so glad they came! not that i don't get excited for a tub o' spuds enough on my own, but it makes it so much better to have other people there to enjoy them with...and to make fun of for actually saying "tub o' spuds" out loud at the concession stand window.  note to self, i should start calling lauren "spuds" from now on.  or "tubs."

in the morning before the fair, lg and bryan also accompanied (read: chauffered) us to this HUGE and HUGELY AWESOME amish store an hour from my parents'.  i'm talking 10 pounds of whole wheat spaghetti for four bucks.  and whole tubs of pork lard.  and an amish girl who suggested that if we were 'really hard up' for cheese to buy the huge long deli tube of it (like 50 pounds of deli cheese).  i love cheese as much as the next guy, but i don't know that i'll ever be that hard up.  also, how funny was it to hear an amish person use slang?  my favorite part of the store? the sign that said "DONT STEAL. GOD IS WATCHING AND THE DUTCHMAN MIGHT BE TOO!" i know by 'the dutchman' they're referencing the amish, but i just can't shake the image of the flying dutchman from spongebob...that's enough to keep me from stealing.

anyway.  between finding some great deals at the amish store, coining the phrase faux-conut (fake coconut), buying some awesome antique wooden spoons for the kitchen, browsing antiques, enjoying a tub 'o spuds and other fairly awesome foods, the day was pretty incredible.  not to mention that my mom had a cookout, which lg&b stayed for, and my grandma, my aunt and my dad and his current wife came to.  and it was my dad's birthday and the hawkeyes won.  so all around, a great day.

after dinner and after i put the kids down for the night, james came over and he and lauren, lg&b, and todd and i headed out to the old threshers grounds again for this firelight-old timey-blanket on the grass-folk music on the porch...thing.  then we hit up a funnel cake stand at like 10 pm and called it a night. it was pretty much the best day of my life.

the rest of september really can't was all downhill from there.  which i'll cover later.

thwr: the vidivan voorsts

on the front seat of ol' windy right now you will find:

1. "the power of a praying wife" by stormie o'martian
2. the movie 'hot rod'
3. a manual breast pump
4. a snotty, used baby wipe
5. two books from the 'little house on the prairie' series

and i would say that pretty much sums up who i am as a person.

and that's how i roll.