september, part 2

penelope has been growing well since the alarm at her four-month appointment.  as of last tuesday, she weighs 12 pounds, which is around the 5th percentile i think.  she is still in 0-3 mo clothes, although she's getting too long for the onesies finally (while she's just now growing into the pants - they've been huge on her!)

while we got the okay from doctors to lay her on her tummy to sleep now (we used to lay her on her side), she has decided she prefers to sleep on her back.  also, she laughed for the first time recently.  she turned 5 months on september 29.

she's not much of a talker, but she smiles ALL THE TIME.  she has laughed a few times even! she loves to fold her little hands across her chest, and really likes to hold and look at small objects like atticus' blocks, etc.  she still loves tummy time and has long since figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back when she gets tired.  while she's done it a few times, she still hasn't quite figured out how to go from her back to her tummy (intentionally, anyway).

atticus' vocabulary is EXPLODING.  he can mimic many words (although they're not entirely clear), and he frequently tries to communicate that he's pretending (he'll put on a cowboy hat and call himself 'grandpa'...or put things in bowls and say that he's cooking noodles, eggs, cheese or bread - can you tell what his favorite foods are?).  he still loves dancing, is beginning to be able to match 2-3 tones at a time if todd sings them first and then atticus repeats, and likes to request "bo." (music.) 

he calls the fan "beese" for some reason, and we're trying to get him to call jesus "Cheeses" instead of "Teetee."  maybe that's confusing to call the lord 'cheese;' i dont know. 

he calls penelope "puhpeh" and is still super affectionate with her.  we're casually starting some introductory potty training, and he'll frequently ask to sit on the potty (but mostly just after he has already pooped).

his favorite toys are any that come from the kitchen: bowls, spoons, water, oven mits, flour, cups, etc.; as well as his legos.  he turned 21 months on september 5.

(paige) i have been reading, reading, reading about nutrition and real foods, and trying to implement what i've learned into our diet and kitchen routine.  what i'm currently reading: nutrition and physical degeneration by weston a. price...EYE OPENING.  seriously one of the most impactful things i've read on nutrition - he spent years studying various primitive and modernized cultures around the world and comparing their diets and health.  he discovered many similarities in the traditional diets of the world's healthiest people, as well as certain degeneration and deformities when these same people began adopting more modernized, refined diets.  HIGHLY recommended for anyone interested in nutrition - although it is somewhat long (500 pages), it's a quick read.  there are whole cookbooks based on his findings (nourishing traditions, which i also started reading but had to give back to the library because some idiot requested it.  stupid real-foodie.) or check out the weston a. price foundation.

i also joined a bible study called 'seeking him' by nancy leigh demoss and i'm LOVING. IT.  it's about spiritual revival - a topic i desperately need to learn about, with women i can't get enough of!  thursday has quickly become one of my favorite days of the week.

todd has enjoyed the advent of football season and is still cooking dinner once a week for the family.

what we've been reading:
..nutrition and physical degeneration by weston a. price
..nourishing traditions by sally fallon
..on the banks of plum creek by laura ingalls wilder
..on the shores of silver lake by laura ingalls wilder
..practicing hospitality by pat ennis and lisa tatlock
..don't waste your life by john piper

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