september, part 1

we started september by heading down to mp to visit my parents over labor day weekend...well, i lie.  it was really just to check out the amish store and the old threshers reunion, and seeing my parents was a nice plus.  no offense mom, but old threshers only comes but once a year and i can see you any time i want.  i love you...

atticus LOVED old threshers (even though it was kind of cold).  he got to look at all the antique tractors, ride an antique train and some old trolleys, see and pet some 4-H animals, and (best of all) gorge himself on kettle corn at the historical log village reenactment. 

lisagrace and bryan and lauren also joined us for some of the festivities... i am so glad they came! not that i don't get excited for a tub o' spuds enough on my own, but it makes it so much better to have other people there to enjoy them with...and to make fun of for actually saying "tub o' spuds" out loud at the concession stand window.  note to self, i should start calling lauren "spuds" from now on.  or "tubs."

in the morning before the fair, lg and bryan also accompanied (read: chauffered) us to this HUGE and HUGELY AWESOME amish store an hour from my parents'.  i'm talking 10 pounds of whole wheat spaghetti for four bucks.  and whole tubs of pork lard.  and an amish girl who suggested that if we were 'really hard up' for cheese to buy the huge long deli tube of it (like 50 pounds of deli cheese).  i love cheese as much as the next guy, but i don't know that i'll ever be that hard up.  also, how funny was it to hear an amish person use slang?  my favorite part of the store? the sign that said "DONT STEAL. GOD IS WATCHING AND THE DUTCHMAN MIGHT BE TOO!" i know by 'the dutchman' they're referencing the amish, but i just can't shake the image of the flying dutchman from spongebob...that's enough to keep me from stealing.

anyway.  between finding some great deals at the amish store, coining the phrase faux-conut (fake coconut), buying some awesome antique wooden spoons for the kitchen, browsing antiques, enjoying a tub 'o spuds and other fairly awesome foods, the day was pretty incredible.  not to mention that my mom had a cookout, which lg&b stayed for, and my grandma, my aunt and my dad and his current wife came to.  and it was my dad's birthday and the hawkeyes won.  so all around, a great day.

after dinner and after i put the kids down for the night, james came over and he and lauren, lg&b, and todd and i headed out to the old threshers grounds again for this firelight-old timey-blanket on the grass-folk music on the porch...thing.  then we hit up a funnel cake stand at like 10 pm and called it a night. it was pretty much the best day of my life.

the rest of september really can't was all downhill from there.  which i'll cover later.

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