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paige and i receive fan mail all the time.
check out this satisfied reader: many props to our friend ted for checking in on us.

more music

it is called "vide cor meum" and is based on a dante alighieri's "la vita nuova"

for my info, check out:

anyone else have any pieces of classical music that stir their souls?

dinner with the dewhursts and the depths of my soul

we just got back from dinner at the dewhursts. it was a great time. max and i stared at each other for a while and maddy and i gave each other high-fives until she wore this ol' boy out. other highlights were a fart to the chest, chocolate chip smiles, the endless, nonstop, round-n-round plastic slide-a-thon, and Wii-tastic time for the gents. the dewhursts also contributed a good deal to team atticus by donating some baby boy duds. very nice!

in other news, i found a piece of music which i loved immediately when i first heard it as part of the score to "meet joe black" some years ago. being as how i did not want to buy the entire soundtrack for one piece of music and itunes did not have it available, i had availed myself to trying merely to remember it. thank you mister youtube for your many unusual gifts.

if you want to take a listen,

if you haven't seen the movie, perhaps it isn't as impactful. i don't know. i have never known them seperately, although i must admit, even now i do not remember the specific scene in which this piece is played. it is moving though. i love stuff like this which stirs one's soul. it is good to be moved deeply from time to time. i am thankful to God for music. He uses it to touch me often.

10 days to go...

...and still no sign of the kid. other than that it feels like he's about to fall right out. if only it were going to be that easy.

i had to run after nikki yesterday and it was the most ridiculous thing i've ever done. i was waddle-jogging, with my arms out for balance, screaming "nikki! *breath breath breath* nikki! you forgot your *breath breath breath* papers!" i finally caught up with entire city block later. she wasn't even running.

what i was carrying was the stuff that should've been in the backpack she forgot, including a picture she had drawn for me of "you. and your baby. he's naked." she gave it to me, then changed her mind and took it back. bummer. there's nothing like an adhd drawing of a naked baby inside a house.

i'm thinking the 29th for this little fella...anybody want to place bets?

(no one's allowed to bet on thanksgiving. either i would go into labor, and leave the turkey in the oven for 2 days while we're gone, or i would eat a huge meal, then puke it all up during transition. so... thanksgiving is off-limits. this message is for you, todd van voorst.)


okay, i have to blog about this. i've been going back and forth about it since last friday, but it's something i've decided i just have to brag about. prepare yourself.

so, fridays are my grocery days, and i usually go through coupons on thursday. i figured out (via the flyer) that yeast at aldi was .79 for three packets. yeast at fareway was .99 for three packets. HOWEVER, i decided to buy it at fareway because i had a couple coupons. when i got there, i found out that for every three packets you buy, you get a fourth one for free in a little strip. my coupons were for "buy one strip, get one free" and "save .65 on one strip." SO, that being said, i ended up getting eight packets of yeast for .34 at fareway, where it would've been .79 for three at aldi.

man, i love a deal.

i know most of you probably find that boring, but that's pretty much the best couponing deal i've ever gotten and i'm feeling pretty proud. (except for that one time i had to buy concealer, and i saved a dollar AND got a free bottle of foundation in the process. that was a pretty good time.) i love the adrenaline rush of saving money on groceries.

other ways we save money around the house:
-our electronics are on surge strips (saved about $20 bucks on our electric bill the first month we did this)
-i make our laundry detergent and cleaning supplies (cheap AND green!)
-meal planning, couponing, grocery shopping with cash, buying/freezing in bulk when there's a really good sale, shopping at a couple different stores, etc.
-only washing laundry in cold water

hmmm...todd, can you think of any more?

i love saving money on stuff we use's like a riddle; how to get the same stuff for less.

anyway. that was a random rant. and speaking of random, more tales from fellows elementary!!

**john: are there some colleges with scorpions?
me: maybe, i'm not sure. (i really didn't have any idea what he meant.)
john: if you go to college where there are scorpions, you have to sleep with your shoes ON.

**me: hans! you look all bundled up and warm in your big coat! all i can see is your eyes - i hardly recognized you!
hans: barak obama and john mccain.

**amanda: mrs. van voorst, are you excited for your baby to come?
me: yes! i'm really excited. but i'm a little scared, too.
amanda: yeah, that makes sense. i bet your baby's scared too. i know i was.
(i started laughing, and amanda kind of made a funny face). mrs. van voorst, your belly looks weird when you laugh.

FINALLY, i had a really weird dream last night that we had our baby, but then went on a date, forgetting atticus at home. halfway through the date, todd remembered him and we rushed home, only to find atticus missing. i started freaking out, not because our baby was missing, but because it had been like 5.5 hours since i last fed him and i thought he might be hungry (um, duh). then we found out that my grandma noel had stolen him because we hadn't voted for barak obama. also, our baby was born with a FULL mouth of teeth. gross.

oh, children.

i'm really excited to see what kind of crap atticus is going to say as he's growing up. kids are ridiculous. today mya told me that "some girls don't have husbands. once i saw a girl bring a panda to the grocery store because she didn't have a husband." i had no idea what she was talking about (i'm not sure she did either) but it was pretty funny.

we're only 20 days away from our due date. i seriously can't believe it. i'm really ready on the one hand, but on the other hand i can't believe it's less than three weeks away... it will be a good change, but a BIG change and i don't know that i could ever be fully prepared for it. there will be a whole new person in the world. someone who's half me and half todd. with his own face and quirks (which he'll definitely have, being as how he's our kid) and style and weird smells. it will never be just me and todd again. i may never work again. we'll have family traditions and way more messes than we do now. will he like yogurt?

so, basically, i'm ready to be done being pregnant. i'm just not sure i'm ready to have a baby. is anyone really ready though?

two unrelated, but current thoughts

first, i recently saw apocalypto. awesome! if you have not seen it, rent it from the library for free or netflick it or redbox it or whatever it is you do. it is great. a little graphic in the arena of violence, but an amazing story.

second, i have had, nothing but the blood in my head the past few days. just the refrain:

Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

phil wickham did this refrain during his concert. i have it stuck in my mind. what a great tune. what a great Truth!

i've had a couple of good days as it turns out :)
goodnight iowa.

saw this picture while surfing

i'll "kick" in a few bucks.
too soon?

lots and lots of updates

okay, so i have been really bad at updating. i know. so this might be pretty long; bear with me?

todd's birthday was the 24th, so he used some vacation time and we partied it up in style! which pretty much meant that i cooked catfish, he opened a few presents, and we carved pumpkins. pumpkin carving for his birthday has been our tradition for the last four years - it's kind of nice to have a "thing" we do every year. i like that we're establishing family traditions.

i, in typical fashion, went at my pumpkin with reckless abandon to carve catherine zeta jones. meaning, i carved a face with a hairline and called it good. todd, in typical fashion, went for the elaborate. (the first year he ever carved a pumpkin, he made this really detailed old man with a bunch of wrinkles and even a little tear. overachiever.) unfortunately, the pumpkin must've been a vessel created for ignoble purposes, because it couldn't withstand the scrutiny with which todd was trying to carve it into an ultrasound picture. (i liken it to a bar of soap trying to be the canvas medium for the david.) that being said, a large chunk came off the front and todd had to resign himself to carving a happy giant. or, as i maintain, the michael douglas to my catherine zeta. both look equally like the celebrity they're supposed to impersonate. which is, not at all.

after carving the pumpkins came the main event of the evening: PUMPKIN SEEDS! this is what we wait all year for, i'm not going to lie. they're so good! and every year, i end up eating enough to make me sick of them for the next 11 months until it's pumpkin season again. todd ate so many his teeth started to hurt. (but not break, which is always a good thing. he broke his tooth on ice cream once.)

the next night, todd's parents came to visit. his mom's birthday is the day before his (as is my mom's, coincidentally), so they came down to see him for her/his birthday, and to spend a little time with us before they left for arizona for the winter. saturday night we went to church and then out to red lobster where we stuffed ourselves silly. sunday for lunch we went to hickory park, where we stuffed ourselves silly. i'm not kidding, by the end of sunday todd and i were both sick, and it lasted until tuesday morning or so. we're not used to eating out that much. so while it was super super nice of his parents to take us out for such nice meals while they were here, my tummy is glad to have a break for a while.

last weekend jes and i drove down to mt. pleasant for the baby shower my mom threw me. it was really great. i got to see friends i hadn't seen in years and visit with my parents (though it was a pretty short visit). i'll have to put up pictures soon!
i came back saturday night in time for church and to go to andy's rock band party. i'm so glad todd helped me get dressed up...while i still didn't look "rocker" (i wore a spice girls tshirt.), it was better than what i could've come up with by myself, that's for sure. todd looked great. i even convinced him to put on eyeliner. nice. we partied hard (well, todd partied hard, and i partied enough to make my eyeballs shrivel up) then i fell asleep on the couch. or, to be more rock 'n roll, i passed out on the couch. must've been the rootbeer.

(yep. rocking out with margarine and a spice girls tshirt.) that's that. and here we are, 3 1/2 weeks away (or more. or less.) from our little guy's homecoming. i'm so ready. he dropped a few days ago i think, and since then it has been so hard to get around. walking is hard, and is made harder by the feeling that he's just going to fall out, so i walk around like i 've spent too much time in the saddle. i'm feeling really tired, too. but, you know, i feel really blessed to only start feeling "pregnant" during the last month of it all. it could've been much worse. can't complain! however, we'll have to see what i have to say about the whole experience after labor...

kids say the darndest (and sometimes most racist) things.

so, over the last few days, the kids at school have been particularly funny.
myra: some people can't vote. like people who live in mexico. or in avocado.

ollie: why did batman cross his legs?
kyran: to kill bad guys?
ollie: no. because he had to go to the bathroom. HAHAHAHA
kyran: HAHAHA. you mean, BACKroom?! HAHAHAHA.
(i have no idea why this joke was funny.)

gentry: i wish our new president could see how quiet we are. he'd be really proud.

nikki gave me a dog sticker, then a few minutes later asked, "so. how is life with that sticker going?"

and my absolute favorite:
background: yesterday, the whole school held a mock election and the kids cast ballots in their classroom for their candidates of choice. in sarah's class, her teacher offered kids the opportunity to tell the class why they like their particular candidate and why others should vote for them (optional campaigning, sort of). so we get these little 7 year olds saying stuff like, "i like john mccain because he'll lower taxes" or "obama is going to find energy from the sun and wind and stuff," which is funny enough in itself, since what 2nd grader really truly cares about taxes? but anyway.

then, obviously, we get the "i want obama to win because he would be the first black president." and, not so obviously, we get the "i want john mccain to win because i think only white people should be president."

if you knew the kid, you'd know that this is funny and not actually racist, since i think he was just grabbing at straws for something to say after the last kid went, but his teacher and i were both completely at a loss for what to even say to that... kids are so painfully uncensored sometimes.

then there was nikki...who just said, "i don't care who my mom and dad vote for and i don't care who wins." patriotic. and honest. and i'm a little jealous of her apathy, admittedly.