more music

it is called "vide cor meum" and is based on a dante alighieri's "la vita nuova"

for my info, check out:

anyone else have any pieces of classical music that stir their souls?


Andrew said...

Apparently this one's not really classical in any sense (it was composed in 1954 and first sung by a Taiwanese pop star), but it's a piece I can't hear without praising God for music, beauty, history, and culture:


tivo vovo said...

pray tell, where did you discover this piece of music? and touche', not classical necessarily by the distinction of it being of a classical period, but rather that of a classical genre. well done though brother.

Andrew said...

Vienna Teng was one of the two concerts I've ever been to at the M-Shop. The fliers said "piano folk/pop," and I thought, hey, I like pianos, folk, and pop. It was surreal to see her live, because she sounds every bit as good live as in that recording, and you had to come to terms with the fact that all that beauty was coming out of that one little person and a piano fifteen feet away. With CD's, I tend to assume some sort of magic happens in the production process, so I can enjoy the music without being hit so hard by the thought, "Oh my goodness there are real people out there in the world who can actually *do* this!!!"

She closed the concert with this song, a capella.

tivo vovo said...

that is very cool. if she ever comes back in the area, let me know, i would love to attend the show with you. i am totally digging it. i think i will "itune" it or whatever. i also have the youtube link bookmarked.

allison said...

i'm always moved by andrea bocelli. he has been blessed with an incredible voice. what makes him more interesting is that he is blind.

another piece that always stirs my soul is "clair de lune" by debussy

tivo vovo said...

thanks for the suggestions allison. i really appreciate it. we have missed seeing you guys more regularly. i would also like to get to see more of the lil one. we are 5 days and counting. then makenna will have a pal to chum around with, eh?

i just got done listening to both of them. well done! thanks for the heads up. i love music that moves people. it is cool how a well written piece of music can communicate something that is otherwise left unsaid, or worse, cheapened by unsatisfactory words.

tivo vovo said...

i was just checking to see if there were any new comments and saw that my word verification was, "menes." how awesome is that? like right out of the book of daniel. this comment is weighed, measured, and found left wanting.