kids say the darndest (and sometimes most racist) things.

so, over the last few days, the kids at school have been particularly funny.
myra: some people can't vote. like people who live in mexico. or in avocado.

ollie: why did batman cross his legs?
kyran: to kill bad guys?
ollie: no. because he had to go to the bathroom. HAHAHAHA
kyran: HAHAHA. you mean, BACKroom?! HAHAHAHA.
(i have no idea why this joke was funny.)

gentry: i wish our new president could see how quiet we are. he'd be really proud.

nikki gave me a dog sticker, then a few minutes later asked, "so. how is life with that sticker going?"

and my absolute favorite:
background: yesterday, the whole school held a mock election and the kids cast ballots in their classroom for their candidates of choice. in sarah's class, her teacher offered kids the opportunity to tell the class why they like their particular candidate and why others should vote for them (optional campaigning, sort of). so we get these little 7 year olds saying stuff like, "i like john mccain because he'll lower taxes" or "obama is going to find energy from the sun and wind and stuff," which is funny enough in itself, since what 2nd grader really truly cares about taxes? but anyway.

then, obviously, we get the "i want obama to win because he would be the first black president." and, not so obviously, we get the "i want john mccain to win because i think only white people should be president."

if you knew the kid, you'd know that this is funny and not actually racist, since i think he was just grabbing at straws for something to say after the last kid went, but his teacher and i were both completely at a loss for what to even say to that... kids are so painfully uncensored sometimes.

then there was nikki...who just said, "i don't care who my mom and dad vote for and i don't care who wins." patriotic. and honest. and i'm a little jealous of her apathy, admittedly.


Shaina said...

Nichole is wise beyond her years. Does this election have any eternal significance? If not, why get so worked up!

Happy end-of-political-campaign season, everyone!

tivo vovo said...

shaina, i'm with you. i got to thinking the day-after about how God is in control and is the God our country regardless who we elect to run it. we are in good Hands afterall. nothing to get worked up about. life's good. God is better!