two unrelated, but current thoughts

first, i recently saw apocalypto. awesome! if you have not seen it, rent it from the library for free or netflick it or redbox it or whatever it is you do. it is great. a little graphic in the arena of violence, but an amazing story.

second, i have had, nothing but the blood in my head the past few days. just the refrain:

Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

phil wickham did this refrain during his concert. i have it stuck in my mind. what a great tune. what a great Truth!

i've had a couple of good days as it turns out :)
goodnight iowa.


Anonymous said...

Apocolypto was ok... definitely a guy's movie. Dude, I totally feel like a bad friend. You must not have checked your hotmail lately... do so... we totally caved and freaked out and voted McCain... shame on us... wouldn't have mattered anyway. I'm proud of you for sticking with Baldwin. You chose the right path DanielSan. Anyway, we learned our lesson.

Oh, and check your hotmail because I put my cell number on there. We want to be on the call/text list when Paige goes into "the final phase"

tivo vovo said...

i will do that. i'm sorry i've been neglectful of it lately. i have just been responding to messages i knew were urgent. i definitely need to sift through the 30 some odd unread messages though and write some people back. i appreciate you taking the time to share your life with me. that's ok that you voted for mccain. i'm glad you turned me on to baldwin. after reading info on him and listening to several youtube speeches, i was hooked. gameday (11/4) i must admit i did questoin while sitting my car outside the voting place, "am i really going to do this?" i considered and then decided. two points: (1) if a legitimate third party candidacy is ever to arrive (which i would view as progress) someone has to vote for them. i vote me for the task! (2) i wanted to send a message, perhaps if they are listening, to the GOP. perhaps they'll pick a better candidate next time.

thanks for your help, it was definitely not a wasted measure as it led me to the place where i was comfortable voting FOR someone for once!!! yay!!!

Anonymous said...

I told Bryan I felt bad about it and I guess something went wrong with his first ballot and they had to shred it so on his second ballot he felt that was a sign that he was supposed to go back to voting for Baldwin and did. So I'm the only traitor... dang it!