dinner with the dewhursts and the depths of my soul

we just got back from dinner at the dewhursts. it was a great time. max and i stared at each other for a while and maddy and i gave each other high-fives until she wore this ol' boy out. other highlights were a fart to the chest, chocolate chip smiles, the endless, nonstop, round-n-round plastic slide-a-thon, and Wii-tastic time for the gents. the dewhursts also contributed a good deal to team atticus by donating some baby boy duds. very nice!

in other news, i found a piece of music which i loved immediately when i first heard it as part of the score to "meet joe black" some years ago. being as how i did not want to buy the entire soundtrack for one piece of music and itunes did not have it available, i had availed myself to trying merely to remember it. thank you mister youtube for your many unusual gifts.

if you want to take a listen,

if you haven't seen the movie, perhaps it isn't as impactful. i don't know. i have never known them seperately, although i must admit, even now i do not remember the specific scene in which this piece is played. it is moving though. i love stuff like this which stirs one's soul. it is good to be moved deeply from time to time. i am thankful to God for music. He uses it to touch me often.


Anonymous said...

We also had a fantastic time! The cookies were gone by 9:30 this morning. I think Bryan got 2. Maddy and I ate the rest...oops! We'll definitely have to do it again soon! Next time we'll be glad to add one to the Van Voorst party :-)

Danielle said...

I'll be sticking around till monday (no sense in spending gas money now that i've got to be tight with everything). if you want to hang out, i'm down with that. i'll be at church tonight. see you there?