okay, i have to blog about this. i've been going back and forth about it since last friday, but it's something i've decided i just have to brag about. prepare yourself.

so, fridays are my grocery days, and i usually go through coupons on thursday. i figured out (via the flyer) that yeast at aldi was .79 for three packets. yeast at fareway was .99 for three packets. HOWEVER, i decided to buy it at fareway because i had a couple coupons. when i got there, i found out that for every three packets you buy, you get a fourth one for free in a little strip. my coupons were for "buy one strip, get one free" and "save .65 on one strip." SO, that being said, i ended up getting eight packets of yeast for .34 at fareway, where it would've been .79 for three at aldi.

man, i love a deal.

i know most of you probably find that boring, but that's pretty much the best couponing deal i've ever gotten and i'm feeling pretty proud. (except for that one time i had to buy concealer, and i saved a dollar AND got a free bottle of foundation in the process. that was a pretty good time.) i love the adrenaline rush of saving money on groceries.

other ways we save money around the house:
-our electronics are on surge strips (saved about $20 bucks on our electric bill the first month we did this)
-i make our laundry detergent and cleaning supplies (cheap AND green!)
-meal planning, couponing, grocery shopping with cash, buying/freezing in bulk when there's a really good sale, shopping at a couple different stores, etc.
-only washing laundry in cold water

hmmm...todd, can you think of any more?

i love saving money on stuff we use's like a riddle; how to get the same stuff for less.

anyway. that was a random rant. and speaking of random, more tales from fellows elementary!!

**john: are there some colleges with scorpions?
me: maybe, i'm not sure. (i really didn't have any idea what he meant.)
john: if you go to college where there are scorpions, you have to sleep with your shoes ON.

**me: hans! you look all bundled up and warm in your big coat! all i can see is your eyes - i hardly recognized you!
hans: barak obama and john mccain.

**amanda: mrs. van voorst, are you excited for your baby to come?
me: yes! i'm really excited. but i'm a little scared, too.
amanda: yeah, that makes sense. i bet your baby's scared too. i know i was.
(i started laughing, and amanda kind of made a funny face). mrs. van voorst, your belly looks weird when you laugh.

FINALLY, i had a really weird dream last night that we had our baby, but then went on a date, forgetting atticus at home. halfway through the date, todd remembered him and we rushed home, only to find atticus missing. i started freaking out, not because our baby was missing, but because it had been like 5.5 hours since i last fed him and i thought he might be hungry (um, duh). then we found out that my grandma noel had stolen him because we hadn't voted for barak obama. also, our baby was born with a FULL mouth of teeth. gross.


jared said...

I can't wait til our kids are old enough to say crazy things like that.

also, i too was actually scared before i was born.

Anonymous said...

High five on the yeast deal. Two halfway related stories... 1) At my neices' birthday party on Sunday my brother and I got into a discussion about where bread yeast comes from. Plant or mold? Very odd convo...2) I love fareway. Last week chicken broth was on sale and so I was stocking up and some coupon fairy had slid a 40 cents off when you buy 4 coupon under a couple cans of broth. It was like Christmas :-)

Pregnant dreams are so weird. When pregnant with Maddy I dreamt she was born with the head of a horse and the dr. said "Oh, bummer, your baby has Horsehead sydrome".

Danielle said...

"i know i was."
LOL oh my gosh. Quite possibly the best thing I've heard in a long time.

full mouth of teeth = very gross.