oh, children.

i'm really excited to see what kind of crap atticus is going to say as he's growing up. kids are ridiculous. today mya told me that "some girls don't have husbands. once i saw a girl bring a panda to the grocery store because she didn't have a husband." i had no idea what she was talking about (i'm not sure she did either) but it was pretty funny.

we're only 20 days away from our due date. i seriously can't believe it. i'm really ready on the one hand, but on the other hand i can't believe it's less than three weeks away... it will be a good change, but a BIG change and i don't know that i could ever be fully prepared for it. there will be a whole new person in the world. someone who's half me and half todd. with his own face and quirks (which he'll definitely have, being as how he's our kid) and style and weird smells. it will never be just me and todd again. i may never work again. we'll have family traditions and way more messes than we do now. will he like yogurt?

so, basically, i'm ready to be done being pregnant. i'm just not sure i'm ready to have a baby. is anyone really ready though?


Andrew said...

He will definitely like yogurt.

Anonymous said...

kids these days eat Gogurt... they are phenomonal frozen. yogurt in a tube, how can that be bad?!
Personally I don't think anyone can be ready for their first baby. The unknowns could fill the night sky. It's gotta be one of the scariest, exciting, nerve racking, humbling experiences ever. Soon you'll be swapping labor stories like a veteran :-)

and for Todd - favorite word verification (WV) so far... lurge. Use it in a sentence.

tivo vovo said...

my favorite event in the olympics is the lurge. :) unless you pronounce it kinda french-like and say (loorzsh) like the "s" in treasure. kids are neat. they are also weird. i'm excited to hear atticus talk. not scream. but coo. screaming will come i'm sure, but cooing will be extravangazapaloozaperb!