10 days to go...

...and still no sign of the kid. other than that it feels like he's about to fall right out. if only it were going to be that easy.

i had to run after nikki yesterday and it was the most ridiculous thing i've ever done. i was waddle-jogging, with my arms out for balance, screaming "nikki! *breath breath breath* nikki! you forgot your *breath breath breath* papers!" i finally caught up with entire city block later. she wasn't even running.

what i was carrying was the stuff that should've been in the backpack she forgot, including a picture she had drawn for me of "you. and your baby. he's naked." she gave it to me, then changed her mind and took it back. bummer. there's nothing like an adhd drawing of a naked baby inside a house.

i'm thinking the 29th for this little fella...anybody want to place bets?

(no one's allowed to bet on thanksgiving. either i would go into labor, and leave the turkey in the oven for 2 days while we're gone, or i would eat a huge meal, then puke it all up during transition. so... thanksgiving is off-limits. this message is for you, todd van voorst.)


tivo vovo said...

i had originally thought the 27th and truth be told, i'm still feeling pretty good about it. but for your sake, i'll go the 28th.

word verification is "storsh." sounds like something goofy would say, eh?

Danielle said...

mm...i'll go with the 26th. (i was kind of thinking 27th too, but that wouldn't be fun for you...) do you really have to be in the hospital for 2 days? Yikes! 26th might not be so fun either...except you get to have hospital turkey and gravy for thanksgiving! yay!!

word verification is cogess.
and i saw "a goofy movie" the other day and thought of you.

GmaK said...

My vote is for the 28th as well... the whole "lunar" thing, ya know!

jared said...

I just hope it happens in the middle of the night. That was fun.

whenjeskasparks said...

my money is still on the 25th! it's a tuesday! tuesdays are goodnewsdays, remember! (and the 25th just happens to be when i was born. so we'd be like pals right off the bat.)