water fun!

i typically have a hard time finding a good opportunity to clean the bathroom attached to atticus' room - i don't like doing it while he's awake and having him around the cleaners, messing with the toilet brush, and playing in the toilet. but i can't do it while he's sleeping because the bathroom is directly off of his room (it's a master bed-bath setup).

in case you were thinking i just went ahead and let my kid play in the toilet (explaining how sopping wet he is in the picture above), get your mind out of the, well, toilet and let me tell you about WATER FUN DAY!

i just put a little bit of warm water (maybe an inch or so) in a tub with a tiny bit of dish soap for bubbles, gave him some kitchen utensils, put him in one of my old t-shirts and bought myself an entire half an hour of his fascination.

(just a note before the terrible mom society invites me to join, i did keep my eye on him, since kiddos can drown in as little as an inch of water.)

seriously, i think this is going to be a weekly activity and i'll be praying it doesn't lose its appeal.

i'm glad i'm not alone in this, but...

"today is spring cleaning day. yes, i know it’s january; i’m not an idiot. but if you do your spring cleaning in january, guess what you don’t have to do in the spring? anything."

– michael scott

one fish, two fish, red fish, sardines.

in preggo news, i'm still all about the benjamins.

and by benjamins, i mean seafood. as we speak (er, as i type) i am eating sardines covered in mustard on crackers. with sweet pickles on the side. (even though i'm craving fish, i'm not sure sardines are really up my alley. i mean, i knew that sardines were just tiny fish...but i didn't think through the fact that they still would have bones and skin...does no one remember the post where i was shocked to discover canned salmon? fish bones really gross me out.)

anyway, that somehow has not convinced me to stop eating them, although the mustard they came packed in just isn't mustardy-enough so i might have to bust out the french's (who am i kidding? the aldi brand mustard).

apparently all the omega-3 fatty acids have been going to the baby, though, because i have SERIOUS preggo brain. i found atticus' bib in the trash, discovered an empty toilet paper roll in the kitchen utensils drawer, and put my underwear on over my pajama shorts.
atticus makes me feel better about it, though, because he can now say MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!!!!!!!!


can i admit something? i haven't been okay lately.

i think it's just pregnancy- (and maybe weather-) related, but i have been struggling with depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia. i feel lonely, stressed, isolated, exhausted and restless. i toggle between lethargy and running ragged. there are days that i drink cream soda for breakfast and make brownies for lunch because i want comfort food, but then i feel even worse throughout the day because i'm not taking care of myself. i'm exhausted at the end of the day, but anxiety keeps me awake for hours (or wakes me up once i'm asleep). i cry - or snap - at a moment's notice. i'm not okay.

for the last few weeks there have been more good days than bad days, but then a bad day will come and kick my butt. today has been one of those days.

i have realized through all this, though, that god is gracious and faithful and gives me what i need to get through my day. sometimes it's by supernaturally granting me patience when i have none left, and sometimes it's just by being someone to talk to in a voice other than my 'atticus' voice.

i have also realized that, in spite of how trying and inconvenient and downright horrible things might be (or seem to be), there is no doubt in my mind that motherhood is a high, high calling. this is all worth it - i never wonder. so many women have hesitancy regarding becoming a mom or committing themselves and their time fully to raising their kids...but it's so priceless in so many ways. and even when things are hard and at the end of the day you feel like you have nothing left to give, god so blesses mothers for being mothers! i have been just so reassured of this lately. so this has been a hard, good time.

any advice?

calling all mamas out there:

atticus has been teething the last week or so, and now has one molar partially through and one on its way. he really has been an awesome trooper, and other than the snot and drool all over his face, most of the time you can't even tell.

he also has been having some weird sleeping patterns. for the last few days, he won't sleep at all during one of his naps (it's not consistently one or the other, but he consistently doesn't sleep during one of them). he also wakes up at like 6:15 and messes around in his bed for like a half an hour. (when he's awake in his bed, he's not crying or in pain or anything, he's just awake and messing around.)

so my question is, would you treat this as just a side effect of teething or would you think that he's getting ready to drop down to one nap a day? should i try messing with his schedule or wait it out until he's done teething (which i've heard can take a looong time with molars)?

done and done.

spring cleaning is done! it only took barely over 3 days (a modern miracle), and that is even after taking into consideration that i had atticus the whole time! (i got in the car to take him to jamie's yesterday and...dead. battery.) so, my house is clean from the top of my cabinets to under my fridge. as i went along, i brainstormed some decorating ideas...and may i say i am VERY EXCITED?!?!

in the meantime, here's a little slideshow (a "vid," if you will) that i put together for my family for christmas. i thought i'd share it with yall since a) i like to think of you as family (aww, how sweet) and b) i am not skilled at ANYTHING techie, and i kind of want to show off my first attempt at using windows movie maker. so without further ado...

ahhh, fresh new year.

whoa...guess who's 13 months old today?

i just love the beginning of the year. not the weather, so much...(it was -22 saturday morning. ew.) but the feeling of having a whole year to do with what you want. and oftentimes, by july you forget that you had big plans for this year, but i'd like to change that this year. i want to appreciate the year all year.

2010 will be the year.
i have been working on developing the perfect resolutions - not too many, not too idealistic. they're still a work in progress. in the meantime, i've started spring cleaning. (as my connection group pointed out, i like to play it fast and loose with the word "spring.") i just like starting, if i wait until spring to do it, it probably won't get done since i'll be 9 months pregnant. (unless that whole "nesting" thing kicks in, then i'm doing a lot of work in advance for no reason.) it's been interesting trying to get stuff done around nap schedules, but i think it will all get done. for everything that i can't do while atticus is awake OR asleep, my friend jamie will watch him for a couple hours tomorrow.
in addition to the regular cleaning, todd and i overhauled our apartment and switched the furniture in the two bedrooms. atticus is now sleeping in the master bedroom, and we're sleeping in the old nursery, which is the bigger of the two rooms. watch for pictures soon!