ahhh, fresh new year.

whoa...guess who's 13 months old today?

i just love the beginning of the year. not the weather, so much...(it was -22 saturday morning. ew.) but the feeling of having a whole year to do with what you want. and oftentimes, by july you forget that you had big plans for this year, but i'd like to change that this year. i want to appreciate the year all year.

2010 will be the year.
i have been working on developing the perfect resolutions - not too many, not too idealistic. they're still a work in progress. in the meantime, i've started spring cleaning. (as my connection group pointed out, i like to play it fast and loose with the word "spring.") i just like starting, if i wait until spring to do it, it probably won't get done since i'll be 9 months pregnant. (unless that whole "nesting" thing kicks in, then i'm doing a lot of work in advance for no reason.) it's been interesting trying to get stuff done around nap schedules, but i think it will all get done. for everything that i can't do while atticus is awake OR asleep, my friend jamie will watch him for a couple hours tomorrow.
in addition to the regular cleaning, todd and i overhauled our apartment and switched the furniture in the two bedrooms. atticus is now sleeping in the master bedroom, and we're sleeping in the old nursery, which is the bigger of the two rooms. watch for pictures soon!

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Ted n' Tiff said...

Wow! Can't believe he is already 13months! And I am looking forward to seeing those pictures! Hope all is well.