water fun!

i typically have a hard time finding a good opportunity to clean the bathroom attached to atticus' room - i don't like doing it while he's awake and having him around the cleaners, messing with the toilet brush, and playing in the toilet. but i can't do it while he's sleeping because the bathroom is directly off of his room (it's a master bed-bath setup).

in case you were thinking i just went ahead and let my kid play in the toilet (explaining how sopping wet he is in the picture above), get your mind out of the, well, toilet and let me tell you about WATER FUN DAY!

i just put a little bit of warm water (maybe an inch or so) in a tub with a tiny bit of dish soap for bubbles, gave him some kitchen utensils, put him in one of my old t-shirts and bought myself an entire half an hour of his fascination.

(just a note before the terrible mom society invites me to join, i did keep my eye on him, since kiddos can drown in as little as an inch of water.)

seriously, i think this is going to be a weekly activity and i'll be praying it doesn't lose its appeal.


lauren said...

cute! I want to come over on water fun day! also, I put pictures of the little guy on my facebook and tagged you in them just in case you haven't checked in a day or so.

YAYA said...

One of "YOUR" old Tshirts? Seem to remember that was one of YAYA's old Tshirts. :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend, and babysitting for Atticus!!!!