quick updates.

i am now 29 weeks pregnant. i gained 10 pounds in the last four weeks and am feeling really big and uncomfortable. so i think you should mention that to me the next time you see me. "hey, you're looking really big and uncomfortable, like you've gained maybe 10 pounds or so." i'd really appreciate it.

i went to a cardio dance class on monday with my friend marnie and about had a heart attack and went into labor. simultaneously.

atticus was teething and also did drop a nap. i'm LOVING having the whole morning with him! (and having such a long nap in the afternoon to relax and get stuff done.)

water fun day has lost its appeal. i got two good cleaning days out of it, then on the third atticus figured out how to dump the water all over the floor, then ran off with the spatula. any other ideas?

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Ted n' Tiff said...

Nice to hear a little pregnancy update! I am sure you look beautiful and that little Van Voorst must be growing!!