all my van voorsts: episode 2

breakfast at our hotel...

...welcome to the second installment of the van voorst flurry of weekend fun.

after the army surplus store on saturday, we went to an antiques store (where i got a vintage suitcase, a sweet old tablecloth, and a photo) then ate at hu hot.

we then headed to watch some buccaneers hockey. um, i can't even describe how awesome it was. the buccaneers played the only team in their conference that has a worse record than they do. i sat next to an eight-year-old girl wearing a t-shirt that read "love is for suckers" and what i can only describe as fingerless arm socks. throughout the game she and her brother had a heyday yelling out indiscriminate encouragements and insults, including "GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE, MAN," "REF, YOU STINK" (which they yelled, on average, about once every 20 seconds) and, my personal favorite, "DOUGHNUTS!"

i also found myself sitting in front of a guy who smelled like weed... and beer-belched in my hair... and spent most of the second period being yelled at by his girlfriend for hanging up on her mom last time her mom called him. (i may not know much, but i can venture a guess that this guy is not what would widely be considered "marriage material.")

also. hockey players smell really bad. as in, so bad that you can smell them in the stands as they skate by. and also. there is a...person...who plays for the buccaneers... that i am fairly confident is a woman. but only fairly confident. whatever they are, i hope they find their tooth.

on sunday, we had a really low-key day. we got up, ate breakfast, hung around the hotel until check-out, then headed to jordan creek. i got to drool all over myself in pottery barn and williams sonoma...sigh. i seriously love all things domestic. after getting tired and sending myself into minor contractions from walking the mall, we decided to head to red robin to eat. yummy!

trying to finagle a way to end up living in the pottery barn store.

then we got to head home to see our sweet kiddo! it was so nice to get away for the weekend, and it's so nice to love coming home.

in honor of the dundies (because everything should be done in honor of the dundies), i would like to give an award for our best weekend highlight. and while i would love to be able to issue a highlight tie (a tie-light? a high-tie-t?) i don't feel that there is any integrity in that kind of passivity. so our winner for best highlight is.....

Noisy Warm Arms! while it was very close, i felt that she had a little sum'in sum'in that gave her a slight edge over Smelly Unisex. who knows? if SU had invested in a false tooth (ventured a denture?) the outcome might have been different.

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