i'm huge!

that's right, atticus here. the hugest van voorst.

i am fourteen months old now, and here are my player's stats:

..20 pounds.
..11 teeth.
..1 nap a day.
..about billion ways to get you into a triangle hold.

my likes:

..cuddling with kaiden. food.
..making funny faces.
..playing in the trash and with the drapes when mommy isn't looking. aunt lauren.
..having my pitties tickled.
..when daddy comes home.
..whole wheat bread and fruit.
..putting you in a triangle hold.
..walking down the hall without holding mommy's hand.
..waking up at 6 am instead of 8. veggietales CDs. new sister penelope. i know how to point to her in mommy's belly...and on mommy's face...and on mommy's arm.
..anything with wheels, whether it's something to play with or something to watch.
..playing peek-a-boo.
..saying "MAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAA!" when i want dinner rightnow.

my dislikes:

..getting caught playing in the trash or with the drapes.
..cold food.
..cold weather.
..when people leave my house. it's a very sad time for me.
..when i'm not allowed to pull everything out of the closet.


whenjeskasparks said...

i like this.

YAYA said...

Atticus, YaYa will take you for a ride on the train this Spring and to look at the tractors. They have REALLY BIG wheels! I love you!

sasha said...

Go,Atticus! Go! i think all kids the same!