trying my hand at freezer cooking.

when atticus was born, i was shocked at how easy a newborn was...yes, his sleep patterns took a while to settle in, and it was hard to leave the house, and i was doing MOUNTAINS of poopy laundry. but for the most part, he slept 20 hours a day, and i had 20 hours a day to kill doing other stuff.

the second time around, this will not be the case. while penelope is sleeping, atticus will be awake. while penelope is awake, atticus will be awake. and chances are, during the rare times atticus is sleeping, penelope will likely be awake.

which leaves little down time. (nothing compared to the 20 hours a day with atticus...ahhh)

so, to save myself some time and effort on the back end, i'm going to try cooking some of our meals in advance. don't get me wrong, my freezer is often stuffed and overflowing, but not typically with pre-made meals. i'll occasionally freeze some soup or something, but since i'm not a big 'casserole' person, freezer meals haven't really been my thing.

so this should be interesting. yesterday i put together a list of meals that i can make in advance and freeze...however, i will be spending the next few weeks trying to actually make room in the freezer, so i won't be cooking them right away. i'm a little intimidated, so any advice from veteran freezer cookers would be welcomed. (anastasia...)

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Anastasia said...

And here I've been complaining that I can't cook anymore because my freezer's full of ready-to-eat meals! :)

Recently I've made stuffed pasta shells, sweet and sour pork, shrimp in coconut milk (really expensive), red bean/rice/sausage wraps, smoky black bean soup, squash/carrot/potato soup. I'd be happy to share any of those recipes! Or if there's any other type of recipe--like chicken or whatever--that you're looking for, I can look in my files.

You can do it, Paige!