sick days

yuck...for the last week, the van voorsts have been taken down by the crud.

i started feeling yucky last wednesday, had some serious flu on tuesday, and spent wednesday recovering. on thursday atticus woke up with a cough, on friday he woke up with a runny nose and a fever. by the weekend, whatever he has was in full swing; he spent saturday vegging on the couch watching march madness.

(please ignore the hairdo - i was going for 'the geraldo' but until my mustache comes in, that doesn't really come across.)

he is still cruddy. he's got a major cough, gross nasal congestion, and he can hardly breathe when he sleeps...meaning he doesn't sleep. at 5:30 this morning i brought him into our bed and he (thankfully) slept another 2 hours, otherwise it would've been an early morning.

so here's to hoping that a) it's not RSV like i suspect; b) even if it is, he starts feeling better and we can come out of quarantine; and c) todd doesn't come down with something next.

and in pregnancy news:

1) i have an ultrasound thursday morning
2) i just caught myself putting a mug full of pens in the microwave and hitting the start button.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry you guys have had the crud but LOVE the pens in the microwave story! LOL! Pregnancy makes you do weird things. One afternoon I found a bag of (used to be) frozen berries in our kitchen junk drawer. I had put them in there after making a smoothie that morning... weird