what atticus has been up to lately

as you can see, i'm getting bigger (and this was taken almost 3 weeks ago). since i've had a little more difficulty getting around the house and keeping up with things, atticus has stepped up to help me out.

he gets up and gets ready for the day. someone's got to bring home the bacon (or really, just cook it) if mom's not up to the task.

after a long day of eating and playing, there sure is a mess to clean up! with a smile on his face, this little ray of sunshine gets down and dirty.

(this is his new favorite face. it makes tedious jobs a little more fun.)

whew! after such a long day, he likes to go in his room by himself and relax in his recliner.

what a great helper!


Ted n' Tiff said...

He is soooo cute! Wow, your hair looks really long and beautiful as always!

YAYA said...

He can come help YaYa with chores ANY TIME!!!