go big or go home.

we van voorsts like to go all out. if you're going to do it, do it. right? right. van voorsts BREAK!

here are a few bragging points of our all-out mentality from the last few weeks:

todd played the AWESOME husband card and showed up after work with unexpected flowers (TWO bouquets - go big or go home). he also has recently been quoted as saying, 'rap music is what happens when boys are never forced to be men.' sweet AND smart.

atticus has successfully given up his paci during non-sleeping hours. he was also a CHAMP two fridays ago when we had an early doctor appointment, complete with shots and blood drawing, followed by preregistration at the hospital, followed by a 3-hour shopping trip....he was in such a good mood the whole time - sans paci! seriously, why was i so blessed with such an easy-going kid?

and not to toot my own horn or anything (toot), i also was a champ for our long friday complete with 3-hour grocery trip. i even carried all 16 bags and 5 gallons of milk (yes, you read that right) in the house by myself (well, with the help of the stroller) and put it all away. i also earned the award for oldest, grossest pajama pants this morning when i sat down and the whole crotch ripped out of them...and i continued to wear them for a good few hours because, let's face it, who was going to see them?

penelope has apparently mastered wii sports.
in honor of todd's new favorite phrase, "nut up or shut up," i think i give the van voorsts a gold star for...nutting up.

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Ted n' Tiff said...

Flowers!!! Go Todd! Great job Atticus for giving up your paci! (we still have that to work on)