flea market montgomery.

on saturday, megan and i took atticus to the flea market at the fairgrounds in des moines. i must say, i was struck by two things when we walked in: just how PACKED it was with people, especially considering the rain, and how this was not at all what i expected.

call me crazy, but if it's not flea market montgomery (see below), when i hear 'flea market' i think antiques and crafts...not bubble shirts and beanie babies. yikes...both megan and i were a little overwhelmed.

luckily, in the far back corner, there were a bunch of more antique-y type dealers (including the one selling the exact same vase that megan bought at pier 1...sketchy). i was super excited to find a precious little yellow quilt and a pillow made from an old quilt topper for penelope, as well as a couple old hankies/napkins/whatever to make a cute little pillow. atticus was very excited that i bought him a peanut butter cookie.

when i brought my loot home and showed todd, though, his response was: 'how much did you pay for that ratty old blanket?'

me (thinking he'd be proud of my steal): only 12 bucks!

todd: you spent 12 bucks on that?! what would it cost new?

ahh, yes. the recurring difference of opinion on what is cute for a baby girl's room: in todd's words, he likes 'classic' whereas i like 'old lady.'

i have no arguments. he's exactly right. it's like naming a baby 'jim' or 'esther' or 'carl' - how funny is it to pair old people stuff with new babies? i just keep telling todd to wait until the nursery comes together...i think he'll like it. in the meantime, i'll have to just enjoy my 12 dollar ratty old blanket in solitude while i watch flea market montgomery.


YAYA said...

hmmm... makes me think it's similar to maybe... a mini-mall!

whenjeskasparks said...

guy: you're standing too close to the screen!
other guy: shut up. ducks don't know.