month three with the peanut

month 3:
we are definitely hitting our stride!  she is a great sleeper - i have to wake her up from most of her naps to eat, and she sleeps about 2.5 hours and is awake for about an hour.  she takes her last feeding around 7:30p and wakes up once through the night for a feeding (around 3 or 4a).  she goes to sleep super easily by being swaddled and laid in her bed with her paci, and having her head rubbed for a few seconds.  she falls asleep on her own, and we're working on letting her figure out how to get herself back to sleep when she wakes in the middle of a nap or in the night, thinking that she needs her paci.

we've started putting her to sleep in atticus' room, in her crib, then moving her to the living room when we go to bed. this way they can get used to sleeping in the same room together, but she doesn't wake atticus up in the middle of the night when it's time to eat.

she eats at 7:30, 11:00, 2:30, 6:00, 7:30, and 3:30(ish).  since we're still mostly nursing, i don't know how much she eats at a time, but when we feed her a bottle during the day we usually put 4 oz in and she eats it all.

i just can't get enough of her little smile.  she smiles ALL. THE. TIME. especially when todd is within eyesight.  she doesn't really like being held much, she'd rather just sit in her little bouncy seat and look all around.  she loves cooing and making funny little noises (which atticus likes to imitate to get attention when he's feeling neglected).

i've loved doing all things girly with her! she wears lots of headbands, toenail polish, and outfits that go on hangers. soon, she'll be sporting some earblings...

to counteract all the frou-frou girlie stuff, she farts ALL. THE. TIME.  she is her daddy's daughter, and todd finally has someone to blame it on when i hear poots from the other room...although, it's still usually him. 

she is also basically bald.  well, really it's mostly like a scullet. again, not the most feminine thing in the world, but at least she has a tuft that may one day grow to be long enough to sport its own bow.  ahhh, pipe dreams.  she'll  most likely stay bald and i'll have to wax her head rather than french braid anything.  or maybe she'll grow a rat tail.  every mother's dream.

all kidding aside, she is seriously delicious and i could just smother her with kisses all day long... but only when she doesn't smell like old milk.  so really, i could just smother her with kisses all day long before 8 am.



because penelope sleeps all the time and we rarely get a chance to go anywhere or play outside, i've been trying to get creative with indoor activities.  enter: finger painting.

not a hit.  i ended up painting pretty much everything you see on his paper, and he was so freaked out by having paint on his hands that he kept trying to wipe it off on his "shirt."  meaning, he had paint all over himself and whined most of the time.

oh well.  can't win the "laziest-creative mommy" award all the time.

one fresh

todd and i have decided to become an r&b duo.  actually, we already are one, but we'd like to market ourselves starting now.  introducing:

one fresh.

(say it out loud.)

while we haven't written our official set list in stone as of yet, we know that we will open our shows with a very special rendition of the all4one song, "i swear."

you are in for a treat.

you'll never want to use my bathroom after reading this.

today, i walked into the bathroom and noted that it smelled weird, so i made a mental note that someday (read: when we move out) i'll have to clean behind the changing table since i haven't mopped back there for awhile.granted, i could do it when i get around to cleaning the bathroom, but since the cleaning supplies had been sitting on the counter since sunday, i wasn't sure when exactly that would be.

(turns out, the weird smell came from one of atticus' giant turds that must've clogged that toilet...either i didn't realize it at the time or i did but forgot.  needless to say, there was a mess percolating under the closed toilet lid.  not to fear, the issue has been resolved.)

anyway, atticus had another poopy diaper this afternoon.  he's quite regular when it comes to that.  so after dumping the mess into the (freshly cleaned) toilet, i turned around to put the diaper in the diaper pail.  as i was doing so i thought i saw a rogue turd rolling away....ahh, if only i had been so lucky.

turns out, it was actually a turd-sized spider.

needless to say, i freaked out and screamed  "eww, yucky!" about a million times while atticus laid on the changing table waiting for a new diaper, totally confused.  i grabbed one of atticus' shoes and went to squash it and marveled at the fact that the spider wasn't even trying to run away from me.

after a couple of screaming, girly squash attempts i realized why the spider wasn't moving...she was protecting her nest of baby spiders, which were now running in all directions.  seriously, like 20 baby spiders.

so i did what any self-respecting naturalist would do: i killed them all dead with my nearby toilet-cleaning solution of water and vinegar.

as a fellow mother, i feel a little bad for destroying that spider's whole...litter.  however, as a mother that doesn't want to find 20 full-grown spiders in my son's bed next week, i feel justified.

also, there are spider carcasses still stewing in toilet solution on my floor.  i haven't figured out how to get rid of the bodies.  maybe i should call jack bauer, he'd know what to do at a time like this.

precious baby girl

penelope has been growing growing growing!

month 1 (may):  the first two weeks she was easy peasy...sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating...she started herself on a three-hour schedule with very little intervention.  she would wake up, eat (which took 20-25 minutes), be awake for 15-20 minutes more while being held and patted, then she would lay down and go to sleep for 2 hours.  at about 3 weeks, she started getting a little more challenging, waking up more often and not wanting to go back to sleep.  mix that with a growth spurt and 2 weeks of sleep deprivation on my end and things got a little gummy for a while.

at her 2 week appointment, she was 20.5 inches (gained 1/2 inch), and was 7 lbs 11.5 oz (gained 1.5 oz and was in the 60th percentile for weight).

the third week after getting home from the hospital, my mom came to stay and we began painting our main living space.  a little too ambitious, i think, when trying to juggle a newborn and a toddler...didn't realize that until my mom left and the room was only half-finished.  won't lie, the other 3 walls took over 3 more weeks to complete.  and i still have touch-ups to go back and do.  probably won't happen before we move out next summer and have to paint it all back to white.  just being realistic.

after my mom left, we moved penelope to the living room to sleep because she was so dang noisy in the middle of the night, making grunting noises and squirming all night long.  because she still gets up at night to eat, we haven't moved her to her crib in atticus' room yet.

at about 4 weeks, she slept for five hours in a single stretch for the first time.

month 2 (june): things began to get much easier around five and a half weeks.  she started smiling at 6 weeks and hasn't stopped since!  (not to brag or anything, but she rolled from her back to her tummy at five and a half weeks...not that she's done it again since then, but seriously, she's strong.)  every week or so she began adding an hour to her first stretch at night.  she would eat at 9:30 and go to bed around 10.  by seven weeks, she had slept for a seven hour stretch one night, and a few nights later for an 8 hour stretch.  then, for some reason, she went back to waking up every 3 hours...that was a long week!

if she wakes up any time after 4:30 to eat, she starts her day...luckily she's still only up for about an hour total, so it's not like i have to stay up from 4:30 (or whatever time) on, but it's still early.

she slept through the night for the first time at eight and a half weeks. (9:30p - 6:30a)

at her two month appointment, she was 23 inches long (76th percentile) and weighed 9 lb, 8 oz (20th percentile) right after feeding...she's a long, skinny little peanut!

guess what i've been up to?

hey all. it's atticus "the toddler" v.v. i would call myself "the todd" for effect, but that might get a little confusing.

anyway, i've pretty much been absorbing all the information that exists. or has existed. or will exist. get this: i can say over 20 words and counting. (well, i'm not the one counting...i guess i haven't mastered all the information that exists...note to self: learn how to count.) don't believe me? that's just the jealousy talking. get ready for this...

"belly button,"
"poop pants,"
"no, no"
"thank you,"
"choo choo,"
"brown bear,"
"uh oh,"
"uh huh,"
"excuse me,"
and more (and literally, "more"), but you're you're not privileged to that information. (granted, i have to have an interpreter - i.e., mommy or daddy - for anyone else to understand what i'm saying, but still.)

i LOVE animals and can say, "woof," "meow," "baa baa," "neigh," "whoo whoo," "rrrrr" (that's a lion) and make an elephant noise. i have been known to say, "woof, woof, puppy" over and over. and over. and over. it's a thrill ride, it really is.

i also communicate with gestures, like waving; making gestures for birds, crabs, and fish; signing thank you, please, all done, and more; signaling i want to be tickled; hugging and kissing my baby sister; and...the ever classic mommy-slap any time i'm unhappy with her decision making. word to the wise: feed me whenever i tell you to or watch your back.

i love bath time, my nuk, my lion pal, and my books. my favorite books are 'brown bear, brown bear,' 'the very busy spider,' 'the belly button book,' 'moo, baa, lalala,' 'blue hat, green hat,' and 'biscuit visits the pumpkin patch.' oh yes, and 'goodnight gorilla.' i don't think i could live without having that book read to me about 20 times an hour.

i love climbing onto the kitchen chairs and the couch. i like pretending to do pushups like daddy does. i love all things with wheels and love balls. i LOVE being outside, even though we can't go far since we usually just play on the patch of grass by our apartment while penelope is sleeping.

i love helping mom to take care of penelope - let's face it, she's in pretty sorry shape and needs my expertise. i also love helping mom to vacuum, take out the trash, and eat all the cookies.

i do NOT like coming inside after playing in the 'yard' (or really, the 'patch'), sitting on my bottom while on the couch or chairs, not being read to, and not being treated like the adult that i am.

at my 18 month appointment i weighed just under 23.5 pounds (23rd percentile), was 33.5 inches tall (85th percentile), and played in the biohazard bin.

okay, well, anymore information and people magazine won't have any motivation to pay me for an interview. so i'm going to clap my trap, go grab my nuk and lay down for some beauty sleep - i'm outtie. (so is my belly button - yes, you're seeing that picture correctly.)

dad life.

oh my word.  this video single-handedly popped me out of a postpartum funk.

Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.