you'll never want to use my bathroom after reading this.

today, i walked into the bathroom and noted that it smelled weird, so i made a mental note that someday (read: when we move out) i'll have to clean behind the changing table since i haven't mopped back there for awhile.granted, i could do it when i get around to cleaning the bathroom, but since the cleaning supplies had been sitting on the counter since sunday, i wasn't sure when exactly that would be.

(turns out, the weird smell came from one of atticus' giant turds that must've clogged that toilet...either i didn't realize it at the time or i did but forgot.  needless to say, there was a mess percolating under the closed toilet lid.  not to fear, the issue has been resolved.)

anyway, atticus had another poopy diaper this afternoon.  he's quite regular when it comes to that.  so after dumping the mess into the (freshly cleaned) toilet, i turned around to put the diaper in the diaper pail.  as i was doing so i thought i saw a rogue turd rolling away....ahh, if only i had been so lucky.

turns out, it was actually a turd-sized spider.

needless to say, i freaked out and screamed  "eww, yucky!" about a million times while atticus laid on the changing table waiting for a new diaper, totally confused.  i grabbed one of atticus' shoes and went to squash it and marveled at the fact that the spider wasn't even trying to run away from me.

after a couple of screaming, girly squash attempts i realized why the spider wasn't moving...she was protecting her nest of baby spiders, which were now running in all directions.  seriously, like 20 baby spiders.

so i did what any self-respecting naturalist would do: i killed them all dead with my nearby toilet-cleaning solution of water and vinegar.

as a fellow mother, i feel a little bad for destroying that spider's whole...litter.  however, as a mother that doesn't want to find 20 full-grown spiders in my son's bed next week, i feel justified.

also, there are spider carcasses still stewing in toilet solution on my floor.  i haven't figured out how to get rid of the bodies.  maybe i should call jack bauer, he'd know what to do at a time like this.


apotratz said...

Very disgusting! Just glad it wasn't me...good work!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!! Yikes!! Maddy has seen me kill many spiders and bugs and now takes great pride in killing things herself. I'm sure Atticus will tuck this away mentally as Survival 101 taught by Mama :-)

YAYA said...

You... the girl packing a lifetime of "spider" terror, now defending your little ones against a whole colony of arachnids single handedly - fearlessly armed only with a spray bottle of disinfectant. Impressive!

Amy said...

GROSSGROSSGROSS!! Nicely done, however, thinking on your feet like that! *thumbs up*
PS- Loved your verbiage: "rogue turd"!!!

BeckyPerky said...

As a kid who once woke up with a spider in my bed, THANK YOU for doing the right thing and killing them all!