month three with the peanut

month 3:
we are definitely hitting our stride!  she is a great sleeper - i have to wake her up from most of her naps to eat, and she sleeps about 2.5 hours and is awake for about an hour.  she takes her last feeding around 7:30p and wakes up once through the night for a feeding (around 3 or 4a).  she goes to sleep super easily by being swaddled and laid in her bed with her paci, and having her head rubbed for a few seconds.  she falls asleep on her own, and we're working on letting her figure out how to get herself back to sleep when she wakes in the middle of a nap or in the night, thinking that she needs her paci.

we've started putting her to sleep in atticus' room, in her crib, then moving her to the living room when we go to bed. this way they can get used to sleeping in the same room together, but she doesn't wake atticus up in the middle of the night when it's time to eat.

she eats at 7:30, 11:00, 2:30, 6:00, 7:30, and 3:30(ish).  since we're still mostly nursing, i don't know how much she eats at a time, but when we feed her a bottle during the day we usually put 4 oz in and she eats it all.

i just can't get enough of her little smile.  she smiles ALL. THE. TIME. especially when todd is within eyesight.  she doesn't really like being held much, she'd rather just sit in her little bouncy seat and look all around.  she loves cooing and making funny little noises (which atticus likes to imitate to get attention when he's feeling neglected).

i've loved doing all things girly with her! she wears lots of headbands, toenail polish, and outfits that go on hangers. soon, she'll be sporting some earblings...

to counteract all the frou-frou girlie stuff, she farts ALL. THE. TIME.  she is her daddy's daughter, and todd finally has someone to blame it on when i hear poots from the other room...although, it's still usually him. 

she is also basically bald.  well, really it's mostly like a scullet. again, not the most feminine thing in the world, but at least she has a tuft that may one day grow to be long enough to sport its own bow.  ahhh, pipe dreams.  she'll  most likely stay bald and i'll have to wax her head rather than french braid anything.  or maybe she'll grow a rat tail.  every mother's dream.

all kidding aside, she is seriously delicious and i could just smother her with kisses all day long... but only when she doesn't smell like old milk.  so really, i could just smother her with kisses all day long before 8 am.


whenjeskasparks said...

i'm really bummed i haven't met her yet! although, i do think she could sport a sweet rat-tail and some awesome temporary tats. ;) it'd go with atticus and his li'l canada hat that we took pictures of a million years ago.

apotratz said...

She is adorable! I love her big eyes and glowing smile :)