still preggers. were you wondering?

i realized i haven't talked much about the pregnancy lately. it's strange, with two little ones here during the day, i don't get a chance to think about it much. but when i do, it's like finding out i'm pregnant all over again, so that's nice. :)

i'm around 19 weeks (or, starting week 20; that's how i counted with atticus). i'm still not showing much and haven't gained any weight yet. which seems to be somewhat typical for me now that i have something to compare it to. i've been feeling the baby move on most days, which happened a lot earlier this time around than it did with atticus, and the movements have been much more pronounced than atticus' were at first. i think we have a mover and a shaker in there.

our ultrasound is scheduled for december 14. i'm really excited! i kind of feel like it might be another boy, since this pregnancy really hasn't been significantly different from my first, but i also wonder if i just assume it's a boy because that's all i have to compare it to. who knows? i'm just excited to find out that it's healthy and has all its pieces- no more, no less - and to find out the gender so we can start the long process of choosing a name.

oh, and also, i'm making a to-fetus-scale stocking, and i want to know whether to embellish it with woodland materials or some kind of vintage jewelry, like a broach or a huge costume jewelry glittery pin. (um, sticks for a boy, glitter for a girl, just to clarify, since our male offspring seem to have an affinity for sparkles - atticus loves his glittery pink tiara. no joke.)

we're getting close to finding out the gender...any last minute bets to place?


unrelated to the rest of this post, but my favorite thing lately: atticus has gotten super cuddly in his old age. and also, that is a creepy picture above.

atticus is officially off formula and completely on table foods and whole milk! i have to admit, it's quite a bit more work on the front end, since now i have to menu plan for (and prepare) breakfasts and lunches in addition to dinners. but i'm really excited about it!

in other food news, i'm trying something new this year: making thanksgiving ahead of time. i made the pumpkin pie on monday. i got this idea for cooking the turkey, so the turkey and gravy were made yesterday, and today i'll be making the mashed potatoes, the cheesecake, the homemade cinnamon rolls (for thanksgiving breakfast...yum!), and prepping the stuffing. then tomorrow all i'll have to do is heat this stuff up, put together the green bean casserole and bake the rolls, and voila! easiest. thanksgiving. ever.

(oh, and ew. i cut up the bread and set it out on the counter to dry out YESTERDAY MORNING. this morning, it was still as soft as it was yesterday. which means it doesn't have the natural qualities of real bread, and it's kind of grossing me out. so even though i can get a loaf of sara lee bread for 99 cents at the outlet [yes, you read that right, it's amazing] i'm just not sure i'm all that excited about it anymore and might go back to making my own. yuck.)

although, my fridge is pretty much bursting at the seams. as is my the good intentions i had of making turkey broth might not happen since i have nowhere to put it once it's made. we'll see.

well, i think the potatoes are done cooking so i'm off to mash.
**EDIT: um, unforeseen consequence of making things in advance: ENTIRELY too much taste-testing. as in, i want to make a turkey sandwich. with a side of mashed potatoes. right now.

oh, what a night. (or, running on fumes)

yesterday i woke up SUPER excited for the day. it was friday, first of all, which is always nice, plus i had a chiropractor appointment which i have been desperately needing for weeks now. not only that, but todd was planning a surprise date for me (and my sister was going to watch atticus, so it would be just the two of us), so all day i was trying to figure out exactly what he had up his sleeve and was just really excited to get to spend some one-on-one time with him.

my chiropractor appointment went so well, i almost cried on the way home about how good i felt. then todd took me to this awesome place in gilbert where you get to season and cook your own steaks (mmm...i'm eating leftovers now) and we got to just chat with each other and enjoy each other's company. we even made a couple stops at cub foods (i hate that place but they had butter for 98 cents a pound) and target, then stopped for coffee on the way home.

a GREAT night.


atticus woke up and started crying really hard (which he had done for the last 3 nights or so), and around 11 i went in to check on him. he was BURNING UP. i took his temperature and the thermometer jumped so fast to 105.5! i was totally freaked out. i called gave him some tylenol and called first nurse (who was actually helpful this was a november miracle) who told me to strip him down, wait an hour and see if his temp dropped below 105 - if it did, he wouldn't need to go to the emergency room.

at 12:15, we took his temp again, and it had dropped to 104.5, which was good, but still high in my book (i heard in elementary school that your brain starts to cook at 105. probably not scientifically true, but scary to a mom.) we finally got him to sleep around 1:15 by putting him in the swing...he wouldn't sleep lying down, but he'd sleep in a more upright position (yes, mom, i think it was his ears.)

he slept restlessly in the swing, and todd and i on each of the couches, until 4:15 when he woke up screaming (i had given him more tylenol around 3:30, so there wasn't anything more i could do at that point.) so we were up for the day. i got up to chop and juice an onion to put in his ears in case it was an ear infection, then i plopped him in the bathtub. around 5:00, his body heat felt more normal and he was acting like his regular old self...i swear by that onion thing, i don't know why i didn't do it earlier.

so at the morning...on a saturday... atticus and i found ourselves grocery shopping at walmart in our pajamas. he fell asleep in the car on the way home, slept until his 9:00 dr. appointment, and is passed out again now at 11:00. he's still not eating much, but at the doctor's office his temp was 98.7, his ears were clear and his rapid strep test came back negative, although his throat's a little red.

who knows? i have a hunch it was his ears and that the onion thing did the trick, but then again i don't know if they'd look clear so soon. all i know is i seem to have my normal kiddo back, at least for the time being!
atticus at around 3 months. if you look carefully, you can see the MAJOR snottage coming out of his nose.

our daily schedule

with kaiden here everyday now, our schedule looks a little different than it used least my personal schedule does. there's a lot of clock-watching at my house!

7:30-8:00 get up, get atticus up and change him pick up house, make atticus' breakfast and let cool

8:15 kaiden arrives

8:30 kaiden goes down for his nap, atticus eats

10:00 kaiden gets up and eats, atticus goes down for his nap

11:30 atticus wakes up, kaiden goes down

12:30 atticus eats

1:00 kaiden gets up and eats

1:00-2:00 both awake!!!

2:00 atticus goes down

2:30 kaiden goes down

2:30-3:30 both asleep!!!

3:30 atticus gets up

4:00 kaiden gets up and eats

4:30 atticus eats

4:00-5:30 both awake, get house picked up, get dinner started

5:30 jenni picks up kaiden, todd gets home from work...

whew. it's tiring, but honestly, i've found myself to be more productive since kaiden got here simply because the "stretches" of the day aren't as long. there's always something going on, but it switches often enough that i don't find myself burnt out on any one thing. soon i'll post a peek into the fun projects i've been working on!

revised: cold, cold, cold

i was wrong. no teeth, just a major case of the common cold. hence the drippy nose, the drooling (attributable to mouth-breathing and forgetting to swallow), not sleeping (since he can't breathe through his nose and can't suck on his nuk WITHOUT breathing through his nose), and all around grumpiness. the only thing that doesn't make sense is the jaw-rubbing...maybe he has/had an ear infection, or sinus pressure back there. who knows?

the only good that has come of it: he's super cuddly and i get a chance to use the nose sucker. (it might be sadistic, but there's something really gratifying about sucking a bunch of gunk out of his nose.)

molar molar molar

i should have taken it as an omen last night when i drove to bible study, got there and the entire church was deserted, then got back in my car and 'christmas shoes' was on the radio...

i think atticus is working on cutting a molar. hopefully more than one (since all his teeth have come in pairs so far) so that we don't have to go through this four separate times. he keeps rubbing his jaw, his nose is pretty much a faucet, he's drooling everywhere, he's a total pill, and he's not sleeping. (last night he was up EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR until 3, when he finally slept through until 7.) the thing is, i can't feel anything in there. is that normal?

he's never had ANY trouble teething before. (with his first two teeth, which showed up at 3 months, we put him in the car for a trip to todd's parents' and when we got him out of the car, he had teeth. that was it.) so this has been hard on me, since i'm only guessing that's what we're dealing with... thank goodness for infant tylenol and the nose sucker....

baby it's cold outside.

i can't get enough christmas music. for the last week and a half, i've had my pandora station set to christmas songs, and i love a couple things about it:

1. it's pretty much all worship music, but with little-kid sentimentality attached.

2. so far, they haven't played that STUPID song, 'christmas shoes' (seriously, kill me now), or that 'christmas in iowa' song. if you've never heard either of these, consider it a christmas miracle and move on with your life. they will steal your soul.

3. you get to personalize the station, so songs you don't like get banned, and songs you do like get rotated in more.

i have noticed one thing, however. that 'baby it's cold outside' song is a lot creepier than i remember it being. the basic premise is this girl is trying to leave this guy's place to go home, but he's trying to persuade (manipulate) her to stay longer. she still lives with her family, who are understandably probably worried about her, so she's probably pretty young. instead of calling it a night, the guy keeps pouring alcohol into her, and at one point she even asks what's in the drink he fixed her...probably GHB. merry christmas, kiddies.